Sunday, September 07, 2014

Amna' s full conversations

I just need to capture these somewhere. Being 2 years 4 mo, Amna is in the midst of constructing full conversations and building creativity, sometimes i find it cute and hilarious although it makes me tak jadi marah.
Situation 1(subuh time)
Mummy: Amna why dont u finish ur susu?
Amna : taknak! (We communicate in both languages anyway so dont bother)
Mummy: if u dont want to finish, mummy gives your susu to cat..she loves your susu
Amna : tak boleh
Mummy: why?
Amna : cat tido.. (she noticed it was still dark outside)
Situation 2 (sleep time,lights off already but she still wide awake)
Mummy: mummy dah ngantuk ni, mummy tido dulu ok
Amna: ok.gelapnyer.. (went down the bed,took her frozen figurines and climb back the bed)
Mummy: dah tido2
Amna: (talked to her figurines) kristoff,olaf,jom tido.(changed voice) tanakkkk..
Mummy: (penat tahan gelak coz i suppose to pretend sleeping this time)
Omg i love this stage..she is so unpredictable and funny

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