Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My own sweet time

Finally i managed to have my own time..and this is due to the sprained,swollen foot since i missed the last step at the stairs near my house last was so painful and i can barely walk until now.its just icepack and bandages at the moment..dont even have time to go to clinic yet.
So here i am alone without the kids...kakak at playschool and adni with her when i am bored and unable to do the chores,i write.
Well to reflect back,i wish to capture few milestones so it wont slipped off my mind:
1. After 2 months of morning cries to school,Amna eventually embraced the fact that she need to go to school every weekdays morning.and she is happier to go to school now alhamdulillah.
2.However, ever since we establish a new schedule, sometimes when Amna is too tired,she tend to mengamuk and scream on top of lungs for hour.It was traumatic for us parents and we struggled hard to avoid reacting unwise in dealing with her tantrums..although sometimes we slipped as we just human. But most important for me is if even you're angry,please stay in control so you wont react beyond rationale..some people tend to speak harsh words,some throw things.please please try to control yourself when dealing with tantrum kids.
3.Adni is the cooler sister.She rarely cries but when she does,omg i think i want to pengsan.But its just fair since we need to cope with kakak also at the same time.
4.Adni gets his first tooth at 4mo.very impressive!
5.Me and hubby tried our best to get our moments together..recently we took half days leave to watch movies..eventhough the leave meant for baby's monthly checkup in the evening.The first time i managed to pumped my milk in the cinema..and i was confident the neighbours dont even realize it.A mummy need to do what mummy need to do! most mums,i prefer my weekends to be filled with activities with kids,whether at home or outdoor. It took me awhile to realise that it does not work the same with daddies. Their weekends means to fulfill their hobbies AND also spending time with kids.So you know, i am still trying to figure out the best solution to make end meets..
7. After 2 kids..packing things for a vacation even a short one is quite an issue.i always salah bajet baju and forget to bring their shoes etc..which rarely happened before this.
8. Now Amna has her daily logbook already and i enjoyed reading her caretaker's remarks.At the moment she is 'kelakuan baik tetapi masih memilih pakaian'. Hahaha this phase is very much confusing since she wants to select all her the earlier stage she even wanted to wear the same clothes for 2 consecutive days.once we even ended up with her wearing hawaiian theme clothes to a wedding!
9.Thank God for a king framed bed as all of us still cosleeping.babycot currently serves as my temporary tudung shelf while Amna's room become Tokma's room since tokma always sleep there when she pay us a visit.
10.parenthood is enjoyable when you choose to.Negative feeling especially towards your spouse will never do any good to the family well being.and to plan quality time with your spouse is equally important as addressing the kids' needs.All the best to us all

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