Thursday, March 22, 2007

The FAKE World

These are the butterflies that were used on my bro's hantaran for his engagement day a few months ago.

Beautiful, aren't they?
But they were FAKE.
Yes, FAKE.

Yet they looked so real and almost every bit as similar to the real one.
So where's the tricky part in the above statement, anyway?

I see the picture above as a metaphor for our world, our recent life today.
Yup, this world seems to be so beautiful, nice, captivative, tempting and all, thus people tend to put world or their life as their golden goal in everything they do.

For example, people work everyday, and surely they aim to get money.Perhaps if they perfom well in their job, they will get promoted, and of course, more money will come pouring to them.
Even the benchmark of successful people these days are based on how much money or assets they have.So money is the point here, and it is for the (so-called) benefit of our life, no doubt of that. With the money we buy designer clothes, spacious house in elite housing area, luxurious cars, million worth of jewelleries and etcera. Later, when we leave this world for good, all the money will stay in this world and perhaps will be inherited by our next of kin.In other word, we will leave everything we own in this world, and die alone anyway. So what are the use of the wealth and assets we own in our life? And tell me, how does the money can assure us to be safe in the here after?

Come on, please realise that the world that we living now is nothing but a FAKE illusion.It won't last for long.The eternal, and the ever REAL condition for us is in the HEREAFTER, and just a matter of HEAVEN or HELL.

So guys (and myself), please, make our life worthy for the sake of the REAL world that we are going to face, sooner or later.

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