Sunday, March 04, 2007

Test Week Edition


(OK, I'm exaggerating a bit.But it is TRUE.At least for me)

This week I have three tests in a row, and I am yet to start even one of them.I am so NOT motivated to start studying since there is a pile of never-ending assignments, reports and and research need to be done in my checklist.

And suddenly I found this interesting link which emphasized on the latest consequence management policy(well, sort of) (that will be)implemented by my scholarship host :

(if you can't see the pics clearly, download it here )

Well, does the policy rings a bell to you?

Yup, that's the one we were alerted of during the scholarship briefing a few weeks back. It states the general requirements that all scholars must obey, the procedure after graduation and the most important thing is the situations of which your scholarship is at stake for achieving CGPA of 2.5 and below.

Sounds frightening at first.

But when you think of it in depth, well, it does make sense.Personally for me, getting a minimum of CGPA of 2.5, or even 3.0 is always always possible provided you put some effort in your studies.In other words, no matter how busy(or lazy) you are, or how low is your coursework marks at the end of the semester, if you ever make some effort to study and aim to score minimum grades in your examination, you would never get below CGPA of 2.5 ( ok, without considering odd facts or some special cases).

And realistically, which scholarship host is willing to sponsor low achiever students, whereas its main objectives is to provide a potential human resource for the sake of its own company?

So by doing this, I think the students will take this matter more seriously and avoid the risk of being at stake. Without the scholarship offered, I am convinced that more than 50% of the university's population will suffer since we all know that IPTS fees are way too high compared to IPTA.

Don't question whether the charges are relevant or not, just make sure you're safe and sound here.Find time to study and reduce social and non- academical or non-beneficial activities.Never mess with your scholarship host or you will regret it for life.

Kesimpulan: Jadi, janganlah kita bermalas-malasan dan perlulah kita start study demi kesejahteraan masa hadapan.

(Oh ye, I forgot to highlight the best part.The best part is I will NEVER be impacted by any means, since it will only be effective in January 2008.
Jadi, all the best dan chayo-chayo ye adik-adik juniorku.Heehee..)

One more thing, you can read another interesting opinion about this here.Enjoy!

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