Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The remainings

Pair of Swarovski' s tortoises
Assalamualaikum and good day to all.
Sorry for my absence.
It's a combination of both intentionally and unintentionally reasons for not updating this blog for quite a while, but I guess you guys can guess the reason why.
I'm in my mid final year, final semester of my whole life as a university student, so lots of things need to be done~ datelines, assigments, reports, resumes, interviews, whats nots. Also included some personal stuffs and social obligation activities, for that matter.Hahha.
My university's will conduct a convocation ceremony soon, thus we expect lots of seniors will be back in the university starting today.Welcome home, folks. Happy graduating :) (ehemm somebody owe me belanja makan sebab baru dpt keje kat Penang! Kan akak kan:P)
Not to forget my two dearest best friends in school, Syamott and Vinci who just earned their scroll in the past few weeks. Thousand apologies for not being there on your memorable day. I regret for not having the chance to hand Syamott her favourite white lilies and sebakul Ferrero Rocher as demanded by Vinci. But hey, my wish and prayers always with both of you, every now and then. (lagipun saya tak grad lagi, nanti saya jeles plak tengok korang.huhu. OK laa..later when we meet sila tuntut hadiah2 tersebut daripada saya okeh!!)
Besides, I'm living my life to the fullest in my (insya Allah) the final few months in the university. Lots of juniors to be met, to had sharing sessions and spend time makan-makan together, lots of friendship to be sustained and kept forever, many inspired lecturers to be envied and appreciated, the remains of my FYP that need to be completed and create a remarkable end of it-and the list goes on and on and on.
Ironically, I'm still in the university but most of my time I've started to imagine my life after I graduate, and how I will miss all memorable moments I cherished here when I leave the place
for good..( rasa cam pathetic pun ade gak.Huhu.Mungkin inikah sindrom final semester student??)
Life just have to go on, no matter what happen. So live life wisely, as it is too short to be wasted. When time passed by, there's no turning back, but the values and experience earned from the past is the most precious to a led a better life in the future, in here and in the hereafter.

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