Sunday, April 13, 2008


Assalamualaikum and good day to all.

The environment and experience in my current workplace, though quite challenging and a bit tense is really something I will treasure for life. Most of my colleagues are non-Malay/non-Muslims, yet still all of us clicked together very well. In my past, the last time I had a non-Muslim best friend was during my primary school when I was in Standard 4, whom was a petite chinese girl, Joyce (Wow, I still can recall her name). After that I went to an SBP, which was obviously mostly-all-Malay students as well as my former campus. Well, of course there were a few non-Muslims here and there but you know, our (Malays) instant tendency and we feel most comfortable with people most similar to ourselves, i.e same race, same religion, etc. I am not saying this represents all, but it happened for most of us, including me.

Tolak kereta rosak.. sesungguhnya kereta Kembara auto boleh ditolak kalau rosak. Sekian.

I admit that at first when I start working here, I felt insecure. Like most people, I was so sceptical that they would not be able to understand me and my obligation as a Muslim. Most of the bosses and senior engineers are Chinese/ Indians/ Filipinos. Even women engineers wearing scarfs are rare sights here, and at first my friends quite surprised when I always go for short breaks at the basement (where the surau is located), to perform my prayers. Also everytime we had our meals together outside the office, my heart pouding rapidly, afraid that they would go to non halal restaurants and totally ignore my needs. Ten years study period in comfort zone, with mostly-all Malay friends really made me so closed-minded and always had sceptical views towards others.
Berlakon pilih-pilih ikan fresh for dinner.. last-last saya gak kena pilih. Chis. Diorang bukan reti cakap Melayu pun

After a while being with these wonderful people, I am glad that they proved my perception was totally wrong. These lads are so open-minded and they are sensitive to me, my views and my obligations as a Muslim. They proved that they also respect my beliefs and the way a Muslim woman mingles with others too, although it might be quite different with their culture. The best part is when they asked me more detail about my religion and Islamic practice, and I got to explain in depth the reasons and rationale, why we have to do something and avoid the other. They even treat me as their friend, without any difference or discrimination. Once they even invited me to join after-work hang out at a bar, but of course I turned down the invitation politely. But hey, they always include me and that made me feel appreciated and honoured.
The guys pretend to be PMs.. ada resemblance tak?? Memang perasan diorang ni

Now I really can understand my friends' conditions who are studying and working abroad, or in the same shoes as mine. They actually don't have any choice but to mingle around and accept the differences. The instant awkwardness will disappear as time goes by, replaced by comfortness of having wonderful people around us. Surprisingly, sometimes we would find that people with different beliefs than us are even nicer and more sensitive towards our needs and obligations. How irony.

Three tickets (saman beb) in five hours.. what a luck

*P/S: Pictures are from my recent Malacca Road trip, combination of excitement and series of unfortunate events. Nevertheless, it worth the experience. hehe

*P/S 2: Only guys in pictures. Girls are all shy. haha

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