Friday, August 29, 2008

Convo Tributes

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day.

Its been a week after my convocation day last weekend. Of course, this day would be the happiest day for all whom successfully graduating, but for me this day was best to feel blessed, that Allah gave us the opportunity to celebrate the day with our love ones, say family and friends.
At first I was quite reluctant to share this in the blog, because hey, all people are graduating, some of them uploaded the details immediately after they received the scroll.So my details would be eventually almost the same as them, right? But then, I kept having images of a few people that deserved the appreciations, hence the entry although a week late.
This day marked as the most memorable day, not only because most of my family were there. My bro could not make it as he's having a major test on the next day, but his short SMS : `Oit, sorry takpat dtg. Sok ade test.Congrats.I'm proud of you' really made my day.
Also, meeting long lost friends whom now pursuing their career with own different way; some even came as a wife/husband, or a fiancee. Well that marked another milestone in their life too, and I'm happy for them. (ok, don't start..).And also a surprise from my two best friends, who came all the way from KL to celebrate my day. Thanks guys, million appreciations! I definitely (insya Allah) will come to yours.

Hrm, what else? Special appreciation for my lovely sisters who sponsored my acommodation during the event, as I knew that its best to hit their places and shared million of stories than renting some hotel in town. Also, for those who became my means of transportation durign the three days, many thanks.

Heartiest gratitudes also go to my parents for their support and encouragements, also for my sponsor for helping to ease the burden and creating young pool of talents for the future.Yes friends, eventhough how much hassle we experienced and how much hatred we had for many reasons and problems, they still deserved the most for helping us to gain what we have right now.

Not to forget to the receipients of the three Chancellor Awards, congratulations as I believe you guys most deserved the highest appreciation as you outshine the rest. Also to the Rector Award winners, may all of you become the role model for the juniors and may they achieve if not better, equal with your success.

Although the convocation was held after eight months of my working life, despite having only a few photos due to myself unintentionally (cubaan untuk tidak mengaku salah) not bringing extra battery pack for my camera, I still think this event was a memory that would be treasured for all my life.
Thanks Allah, thanks Ma and Abah, thanks all.

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