Sunday, September 28, 2008

An encounter with a psychotherapist

Last few days, I came across a pre-presentation by a doctor, she's actually a psychotherapist and hypnotist by profession. Just knowing her position made me shivered and wondered, will she hypnotize me and the rest of us who attend the presentation into engaging her for our project? Haha, just a silly thought ( tapi logik, kan?).

Her main focus was to manage stress among professionals, and I was quite interested in her few theories which mainly obtained by research and also by experience.

Sexy photo

Some interesting scene during the presentation was when she showed a super sexy photo of an American woman (not sure American ke British, but orang putih la for sure), and of course, we, the attendees, mainly Malays and Muslims, were disturbed by the photo. My boss proposed her to change to other pictures as obviously, the picture was inappropriate indeed. Guess what was her reaction?

"This picture serves its own purpose. When you are actually disturbed by the sexy woman photo, then you're actually under stress and could not control yourself to get distracted".

Ah, pulak dah. All of us exchanged smirks and rolled eyes, some even burst into giggles. Rupanya camni therapist berfikir. I don't want to judge her but let me just light you with some details. She's at her early 50's but still looks radiant and `modern', with fashionable clothes and what nots. You get what I mean.

My boss counter proposed by suggesting the doctor to change the picture, at least to the more decent one. And what was her response?

" Oh I see, this organization seems to be very protective of its employees. Don't you know they've seen worse picture than this in their daily life?"

Ahh sudah..memang la some of the audience had seen worse pictures tapi itu bukan persoalannye...aih.Finally after some justifications, we reasoned by saying at least we're not going to highlight this kind of picture in a formal session, hence the proposal of changing the picture. And at last, the doctor agreed to change the picture for her real presentation later. This argument about a single picture merely took twenty minutes! Wait until our big boss hear about this. Haha.

Therapy of gratefulness

One interesting concept highlighted by her is the way we recite our doa after prayers. She bluntly pointed out that most of us are not sincere in our prayers, and some even don't know what to say/ask to Allah during doa. Most of us just follow the way our ustaz/imam recites the doa in segregation prayers, while actually there are various ways to convey doa so that it is meaningful and impacted us as well.

Instead of the conventional way to recite prayers, i.e

"Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, aku berdoa agar aku dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik, kurniakanlah aku kemudahan dalam urusan, kurniakanlah ketabahan dan kekuatan, jauhkanlah aku dari kemungkaran dan kesengsaraan.."

She actually suggested a new approach in doa recitation, called therapy of gratefulness. By modifying a little bit the above example of doa, the new version is as below :

"Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, aku bersyukur kerana aku dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik, aku bersyukur kerana aku dikurniakan kemudahan dalam urusan, aku bersyukur kerana aku dikurniakan ketabahan dan kekuatan, aku bersyukur kerana dijauhkan dari kemungkaran dan kesengsaraan.."

It worked fantastically for her patients as it also influenced our sub-concious mind into believing that Allah had actually granted our prayers, and we will be more optimistic in our upcoming life. Our Ultimate Creator will eventually grant our prayers, but just the matter of time. Just imagine if we did this every day, won't it change our perception and the way our mind perceive the world? I guess it would :) The Westerners also starting to highlight the concept of `gratitude' every time before they start their day, much similar to Islamic concept of berdoa lepas bangun tidur that shows our gratitude to Allah. They actually adopt our practice!

I guess there are other interesting points in her presentation, but let me just stop here. I don't want to kill the limelight :)

Cheers, salam Ramadhan dan salam Aidilfitri :)

P/S : Interesting tak my profession? I'm actually doing this as part of my formal task, and will be evaluated in my KPI..err hehe :)

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