Friday, October 17, 2008

Stop Daydreaming

It's been a while since I posted a real (lengthy so called article) post.. been tight with work and stuff. Hence the `sebaris dua' and sole photos in my previous three entries. Believe it or not, usually I spent hours just to write a single post, and I to have the peace of mind and relax condition. Thus whenever I wrote a lengthy one, it is best to assume that I was at home (my parents' home) during weekend, as my rent house do not have internet connection.Just wait until I got myself a PDA and a broadband subcription (entah bila la tu kan...huhu) .Curi-curi blogging during office hours just don't work for me (anymore, with this current job workload). Ok, here goes.

The latest scenario of the world observes the critical economic downfall, some said the worst in American history ever. This is so serious, that forced US government bails out several banks and two multi-billion mortgage companies, for fear that the ban of these insititution would trigger economic collapse. Quoted from a report on the two mortgage companies, in ,

"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guaranteed about half of all of the home loans sold in the United States, but had run into severe difficulties as a result of the plunging American housing market which had seen hundreds of thousands of American home owners default on their mortgages.

Shares in both companies had fallen by more than 80 per cent in the last six months. The US government announced it would take control of the two companies, wiping out the value any shares that shareholders owned in the company."

To make everything worse, the same scenario also experienced by UK.

And it is just plain understood that when something this big hit the gigantic US and UK government so badly, this surely will affect the whole world, sooner or later.

With this alarming progress, how can we assure that we won't be affected at all?

Recently we've heard talks from the big players of various industries, they have started expressing worries in foreseeing the future to come. Natural resources are critically declining, investors are more attracted to invest in China than South East Asia, considering better benefits being offered by respective government and cheaper labors. The government-owned or privatised R & D companies are generally, not doing so well in acquiring and developing new technologies for betterment of our lives. Also, the senior management started commenting on the lack of quality in the younger talent pool. They complained that some of the youngsters are not capable enough, too materialistic and money-oriented, and might go the extend of egoistic and demanded too much. Well, deliberating on the young talent pool issue only might require for another new post altogether, thus I shall stop here.

Bottom line is, we are having major problems, tremendous ones, but did we realise it?

I won't touch about the local political issues, as they are always boiling and burning ever since the March Election. Political parties collided, people getting arrested and sentenced to ISA (yes, sentenced, it serves as a punishment already as the victims had been judged blindly), the hot by-election and a handsome comeback of a PKR de-facto leader to the parliament, and many more sensational political walks and talks. Out of everything, the rakyat still does not see any major changes or enhancements done by our appointed leaders. Even if there were a few, they are still considered very little.

Thus apparently, the perfect life we perceive is, unfortunately not so perfect anymore. Despite our daily shopping spree, joyous vacation, work routine and everything enjoyable in between, we shall spend time to sit down and think on the serious change of climate that we experience recently.

And stop daydreaming.


fairusamin said...


betul sekarang mmg ekonomi tgh teruk mcm2 benda bleh jadi kat negara kita. dan yang saya terpk skrg ialah institusi keluarga kat malaysia ni.secara tak langsung melibatkan masyarakat malaysia dan islam khususnya.pasai klu ekonomi teruk kerja takder pastu suami isteri bleh bergaduh dan bercerai, anak takder perhatian ibu bapa pastu meleret-leret la masyalah keluarga turun ke masyarakat.

Shierrahh Ivy said...


ye stuju dengan pendapat anda..kegawatan ekonomi bleh mmbawa kepada kepincangan institusi keluarga jugak.. dan kalo kita sedar jenayah pun menjadi2 sbb semua orang desperate inginkan wang..