Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good time in Terengganu

I am on my last day of training in Terengganu. Sometimes it feels good to get rid of the workload hassle and have a getaway to learn new knowledge cum vacation at a place far away from the buzzing and hectic KL. I was blessed as the training was held in a peaceful resort at the estuary in Kuala Terengganu. Well wait, when was the last time I went to K.T.? Was it more than 10 years ago?

So you know, learning during the day and spending time in a spacious hotel room at night for a few days, this is what I really need. I have no reason what so ever to think about office work. PPA review? Checked. LBVF? Checked. Only a meeting awaited for me on Friday afternoon, but none other urgent matter to be attended (database updating/analysis yang tak pernah habis tu, abaikan saje. Haha). The moment I realize that I need a break from office work was when I attended a 2-days health programme, and I did my blood test. It was higher than usual! I was shocked and panicked. As since university time I checked my blood pressure every now and then without fail, and it is always the normal reading 80/120. Kebetulan these past few weeks there were so many things happened and so many things to be taken care of, and I was kind of tensed and miserable.

Here, I gained my peace of mind. I read newspapers and books, watching news and surfing the net every night. Therefore I managed to update my blog everyday this week. But I do thought of staying in this comfort hotel alone, with all the facilities are meant for two, is kind of a waste. I did try to persuade my Mum to come along but my Dad tak bagi.Haha as expected.. but as I went to Pasar Payang today and seen the lovely silks and batiks ( and bargained for a pair or two, ahem ahem), I was actually relieved my Mum did not tag along. Kalau tak mungkin dia takmau balik. Then we asked the driver's hospitality (we went to pekan K.T using the hotel's shuttle) to drop us at Losong for a short shopping of the ever famous Keropok lekor Losong. Wah I did felt like a tourist, hehe.

The truth is I missed the experience of a local, Malaysian-type vacation. And Terengganu is one of the best place to be, with its friendly citizen,beautiful beaches, lovely batik and songket, and keropok lekor (saya adalah hantu keropok lekor, for your info), who could actually resist? I even bought Awang Goneng's book- Growing up in Terengganu (although I haven't even start to read it yet) as I heard the exotic element of Terengganu's culture was beautifully written in it. And on the way back on a bridge of the main road heading to Pulau Duyong, I could see Masjid Kristal and the rest of the monuments in Pulau Wan Man. It is beautiful indeed, but I hope people nearby would use the mosque as what it is supposed to be used, and not just as an adornment.

And tomorrow, my flight to KL will be at 10.05 am and I'll be straight back to office for the afternoon meeting. Haih, life must go on anyway.

'Kemudian setelah selesai sembahyang maka bertebarlah kamu di muka bumi (untuk menjalankan urusan masing-masing), dan carilah apa yang kamu hajati dari limpah kurnia Allah serta ingatlah akan Allah banyak-banyak (dalam segala keadaan) supaya kamu berjaya (di dunia dan di akhirat)'

(Surah al-Jumu’ah: 10)

P/S: Another reason I am inspired to write many posts is because of Jeremy Sheldon's (an article of his visit to Malaysia in NST, today. Btw he is an avid and successful British writer) tagline : 'Get the writing muscle toned!'

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It4Ch1 said...

kropok leko da murah ke? aritu musim tengkujuh, kalau tak mahal, mesti lebih tepung dari ikan.