Thursday, March 19, 2009


Regarding previous post :

They said January babies are easily get hurt, but recover very fast.

How true(at least for me).

Besides, I also get angry very fast and cool down a split second later.

Sometimes I smack someone's idea right onto their face and reconsider it after a while.

Also I do snap at people and regret it immediately after that.
I can't stop but thinking, it is always my ego came in before my rationale state of mind.

(I hope I am normal and did not harm anyone.At least, yet.Sorry, to whom it may concern, if I've done that)

Back to the recovery topic, its not that hard for me (although when I fell flat it was so painful) to recover. Alhamdulillah its my luck to have a 9 days out of office affair ( training-leave-training) just when I need it the most(yayy!happy happy).

Also hanged out with my favourite girl friend (and a few attempt to reward myself (read:shopping) and persuading Ci to also shop) helped to ease the burden. Well like uda put it, its nice to meet old friends because we felt so `in-line' and attach to each other. We just talk on anything, we criticize anything under the sun, we share everything including the deepest secrets. And yes, gossips and updates are the main ingredients over here.Haha.

And just with the above, I'm living my normal life again. Happily ^_^

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^fairyha^ said...

Mggu ni aku leh shopping! Hehe~ Sbb duit dah masuk.. N aku mmg tgh depressed, so the best remedy is retail therapy!