Friday, April 10, 2009

Hepatitis B

I had my first Hepatitis B jab when I was 24 yr 3 mnths, which was precisely last week.

My big brother even commented on me having the jab at the same time when his son was due for the jab, only that Ajim was having a slight fever therefore his session will be postponed to some other time(note: Nowadays, babies are compulsory to get Hepatitis B jab,not like our time previously).

Ajim with his Pak Su(background:cousin Adam is sleeping)

I only discovered last year, during a thorough medical check up that I have none ( read: zero reading) of Hep B antibody in my body,hence the doctor suggested me to take the jab whenever I'm free (or whenever I am eligible to be covered by my company insurance).

So I went to the clinic and the jab was quick, the only unpleasant fact is the jab is not covered by ING.Tipu betul.. since I've checked with them earlier and they said it was covered.Anyway, murah je pun.Health is the ultimate wealth, right?The other hassleness that you must bear is there are two other follow up jabs, one after a month,and another 5 months later.And in my case,my body produce none of the antibody thus I need to get the Hep B booster every 5 years. Sounds tedious?Well the choice is yours.

Well, hepatitis B is disease caused by hepatitis B virus which infects the liver of hominoidae, including humans, and causes an inflammation call hepatitis. Actually the virus most probably can be deadly for infants, whereas most adult (90%) usually recovered when attacked by the virus. More info can be found here.

So, don't forget to ask your doctor on your Hep B antibody next time you're having your medical check up or blood test.

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