Monday, March 15, 2010

Dream job

I know everyone has their dream job(s) that lingers in mind every now and then.Ironically, they are not often the job that you are having right now.
OR adakah most of you had your dream job and enjoying every moment of it?Then good for you.If you don't have it (where I believe most of us don't) then be grafetul too because at least we have a job.Or maybe who knows that the job is the best for you?
Well in my dreams, day and night, consciously or not, I do dream on several jobs that I wanted to do, e.g cikgu tadika (ni nak usahasama ngan kakak bijou la kononnya tapi takut dia busy gi offshore la pulak kan), dietitian, child specialist, cikgu bahasa, travel agent, enterpreneur and the list goes on. When I was a child I even think of becoming a penjaga zoo as it is such a noble work to do. Looking back at the list, they all are related with my interests: health,children,language,traveling,small business...siapa tak suka buat kerja yang kita suka kan.Even tak payah bayar gaji pun takpe kan?
But I never wanted to become the profession of which I qualified for.
Well, it might be exciting and high profile but, the heart is just not into it.
As simple as that.
Alah ramai je tak keje according to their qualification but more towards their passion.And they are happy. Even as a housewife. I mean, why not? Kan? As long as they are happy.
The thing is I don't really fancy people belittle others' profession or make double standard comments, e.g (ni example je tau), 'wah kerja ni lagi bagus dari kerja tu, wey kenapa berenti kerja, kan dah bagus kerja tu..' `jadi housewife ni lagi penat dari kerja pejabat tau..kau mane tau' and everything in between. You never know until you are in the person's shoes, so avoid judging without understanding in the first place.
OK tu je. I a not quite sure whether I intend this post mainly for myself or for others.Maybe both..
Haha.Rambles la ni maksudnya.Tiada kaitan antara hidup atau mati.


Amie said...

yeah~ couldn't not to agree with you. Sebenarnya org malaysia ni ramai yg "don't dare to dream" and that's when the -ve comments come. But for those who dare to dream, and even dare to make it real, all the best! u'll never get to satisfy every single person around u, so never tries to. :)

bijoux said...

ye dik. sweet lagi skali sbb masih ingt pada cita2 kita itu. skrang ni akak bajet nak bukak biznes from home, mcm kek kawen ke..tulis buku kanak2 ke..anything y work from home lah. cause im such a homey person. tp apa kan daya. kne la teruskan dlu perjuangan separa masak ni =p

Shierrahh Ivy said...

puan ami:ye hanya beberapa orang je yg dare enough to fulfil their dreams.good luck dear :)
kakak: i pun suke work from home ni.if you need tag team at that time jangan lupa cari saya.haha