Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Health Tips #5 : Migraine

I just being diagnosed for a mild migraine.
Takut kan? But the doctor said it is typical nowadays.
The simptoms is easy- when you felt your head pounding for some unknown reason. Usually you felt the pain struck from your eyes to your brain, and it usually happen sebelah muka je (left or right side of your face). You are very sensitive to lights, even when it comes from your computer screen. You rather shut your eyes or have a good rest in a quiet,peaceful place somewhere. Sometimes it may vanish for awhile, and it might appear again out of nowhere.
The reasons, well it may caused from stress,your food intake e.g. cheese, dairy products, preservatives,etc or even you hormones. Some people usually had migraine as part of their PMS, or even after the menstrual cycle.
The medicine - usually Caffergot, to be taken only when you feel the pain. Ignore it when your migrain disappear after a quick rest. Don't just easily dump some kind of chemical in your blood veins, people.
My reasons of getting migraine?
I'm not so sure.
Last week might be caused by PMS or early menses,
This week might be caused by a cheese cupcake as my breakfast (life is just unfair!)
Ok so apa tipsnya untuk entry kali ini?
Tips adalah avoid the reasons of migraine as stated above, and live a stress-free life~! (like that kind of life ever exist)

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