Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Perth Summary :)

Managed to run away from work hassle (last minute!) and followed hubby for a company trip to Perth early this month. Company trip to Perth!! I know I'm jealous too, normally my company trip ke Kerteh,Melaka,Bintulu ajer but his...!! Like Hazel put it `biasenye company trip ke tempat2 best bos2 je yang pegi, kita takde harapan'.Ok lah tu babe ko dapat gi Africa business class lagi. Hehe ok just want to share a simple quick guide to Perth. Mine was quite smooth because my parents just went there last December and alot of friends studied there before. Since I just went there for a short while I only managed to cover Perth city area and not the suburbs :( So here it is!

1.Upon arrival,catch connects airport transfer to hotel.AUD18/person one way.Will drop you right at your hotel's doorstep.Taxi from airport to town will cost you approximately AUD40.

2.Criterion hotel(Hay St) is very near to Perth CBD,cheap rate(AUD110)with welcome drinks n free wifi.situated next door to Oleh2 Cafe(indonesian cuisine restaurant).Recommended and many Malaysians stayed there too because of the location.

3.Restaurant Indonesia Indah (halal restaurant) is at the roadside of barrack st,near to perth CBD.

4.Perth CBD consists of 2 large shopping malls with aisles n alleys in between..Myers and David Jones are among major tenants. Train station(komuter like) is just nearby.Hop to the nearest CAT(blue,yellow,red semua ada around this area) for a free bus ride.

5.Among must-go places:

1)Harbour town mall
-a mall with various branded stuff with factory price.there is halal food outlet: ISPA kebabs and Nenem's turkish cuisine.ride yellow CAT to harbour station

-a small fishing town with many historical places.go to Shed Market for a good bargain of souvenirs-walking distance from frematle train station.ride the train from perth train station for AUD3.7 perperson/return can get good price of AUD9(family rider-5adults n 2 kids) on sunday:)it will take about 30mins to fremantle by train.other means:via cruise or bus.

3)Rottness island
-a beautiful island to enjoy scenery,history and snorkelling.Various tours to choose-main ferry operator is Rottness Express.Ferry can be taken from St barrack jetty(Perth city) or Fremantle.We just love the buffet spread at Rottnest Lodge,their pasta n cheese is delicious!

-you can find many restaurants here.Check out the famous apple strudels at Corica's.Ride blue cats to Aberdeen St,and you'll find the cafe on your right.
5)King's Park
-a beautiful park along the Swan River. Sadly I didn't get to go here sebab dah pulang awal sebab cuti 2 hari saje~! Pastu hubby shared pictures he went there siap fine dining sekali ngan consultant.Nyampah.

Some useful travelling notes:
1)Shopping hours is short,normally 9am-5pm.Weekend is even shorter,11am-5pm. Nightlife is almost none.
2)Convenience store and restaurant usually open until 10pm
3)Airport tax for KLIA-Perth-KLIA for both ways is about RM900 (incase you want to redeem your Enrich points, they just covered the airplane fare.Tax is on your own :( Or Airasia obviously offers a better deal though )
4)Equipped yourself with CATS transit maps n a simple perth map to ease your journey.Many of the places are accessible just by walking!
5)Australian visas to be applied electronically
6)Hotels are generally expensive over here with poor facilities.Even a 4 star hotel may cost AUD340 and didn't provide mineral water!WiFi pun kena bayar mahal.
7)Avoid bringing any food from your home country as australia is very strict.its either u need to declare the food you bring or they will rampas straight away.Don't worry about food in perth, there is plenty to choose from :)
Loved most : The beautiful scenery, the friendly and polite people, the excellent and FREE bus services, easy access to halal food
Don't really fancy : Expensive hotels and poor facilities! Even the internet fees is very high (we are so used to free WiFi in Malaysia)


Hannah said...

next time aku ajar ko pergi tempat makan pizza yg paling sedap kat dunia! haha over kan? tapi kene sewa kereta! owh ngan maybe next time ko consider main sailing kat swan river ngan sandboarding kat area north. sangat best!

ye aku miss perth yg public transport adalah efisen dan free! :(

traveller said...

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