Sunday, February 27, 2011

Health Tips #8 : Soy Product

Suka kacang soya? Always heard that banyak makan kacang soya boleh mencantikkan kulit dan dapat baby putih gebu?
Initially I was a true soya haters.. I can't stand anything soy kecuali soy sauce. Haha. but over these past few years I've developed an obsession of healthy living, and among the food that I desperately forced myself to consume and find it not bad at all are soymilk! OK I am always a tempe lover-thats a fact but now I can stand soymilk walaupun daku takkan membelinya on purpose, but if somebody offered I can drink it now.Semuanya kerana kesihatanku yang berharga. the meantime there is also a news spread really fast that said soymilk is not THAT good (I knew some pregnant mothers drink it like nobody's business for the sake of their baby). I knew most of you had read it already.. and later someone shared another link to jawab semua facts tersebut(thanks to Encik A).
For me,my basic rule is simple : never consume ANYTHING too much, or else akan jadi lain.Even the best of food cam milk,eggs,sayur2 etc sume takleh consume too much kan?amik moderate amount jer.. Kalo tak lain jadinya..dan make sure you eat from various sources of carbo,protein,etc..jangan dok makan satu lauk jer :p (note:jangan jadik karnivor!)so takyah pening2 nak cari the best or the worst food whatsoever.Just stick to that basic rule and insya Allah everything will be fine. Cuma kalau boleh galakkan diri makan makanan sunnah (yang Rasulullah makan dan yang disebut dalam Quran e.g. kurma,anggur,buah zaitun,susu,daging kambing,etc) untuk dapatkan berkat dan juga makanan2 ni mmg terbukti berkhasiat.Cuma again the basic rule applies here : don't eat too much!!
Love to share some excerpt I got from the counter-answer for soy badness as I mentioned earlier. Like to highlight a few points too..happy reading and implementing!
The anti-soy crusaders, on the other hand, point to certain substances found in soy, and tell us that almost any amount of soy is too much. The reality, though, is all foods contain substances that, if eaten in high enough concentrations, would cause problems. Even the most healthful foods contain components that produce unwanted effects when they are tested in isolation in a laboratory. For example, broccoli, lentils, and grapefruit contain naturally occurring pesticides that can cause mutations if eaten in high enough quantities.

Peanuts and peanut butter often have traces of aflatoxin, a substance found in a mold that grows on the nuts that causes cancer in high enough amounts. Celery harbors toxins that at high enough levels damage the human immune system and causes photosensitivity. (Highest levels occur in celery that has brownish patches.) Spinach and chard contain oxalic acid, a substance which binds with calcium and diminish its absorption. Common mushrooms contain several substances that in sufficient concentrations are carcinogens.

This doesn't mean, though, that you should avoid eating broccoli, lentils, grapefruit, peanut butter, celery, spinach, chard and mushrooms. In fact, if you made it your policy to eat no food that contained substances which can in large enough concentrations cause damage, there would be literally nothing left for you to eat.

It's true that soybeans contain substances that in excess can be harmful. But to imply, as some do, that as a result eating soyfoods poses a risk to human health is taking things much further than the evidence warrants. There would be dangers in eating a diet based entirely on soybeans. But, then, the same could be said for broccoli or any other healthy food. This is one of the reasons why varied diets are so important. Diversity protects.

full article here :

p/s: satu lagi conclusion I got adalah; tempe is one of the best soy product to consume.Haha suke!cita2 jangka panjang I adalah utk membuat tempe sendiri.Any Javanese sudi nak ajar??:p

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