Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LDR Blues..

*LDR - long distance relationship
1. Eventhough my life is easier that I don't need to attend to his
basic needs i.e washing clothes, ironing, cooking for him etc, but I
do feel guilty/terkilan coz he need to do everything by himself in the
absence of his wife
2. Everytime he travels around for work, I could not help to think
about cukup ke baju dia bawak, sempat ke basuh baju, berus gigi
tertinggal ke those kind of stuff
3. The guilt he feels everytime his wife experienced mood swing and
broke down in the middle of phone conversation, let alone the
unintentionally accusatory words i.e. kesian sayang tinggal sorang2,
sampai hati abang tak balik etc
4. The dilemma he faces whether to stay or go back to KL to a cranky
wife when weekend arrives, especially when the plane ticket needs to
be paid using own money. Sometimes the plane fee can reach more than
5. The sympathetic tone and awkwardness when friends and relatives
tanya takpe ke dok jauh2 nie, takpe ke dok sorang2, can you manage?
what about your safety, taknak quit your job?unpaid leave etc macam
lah kita ni ada banyak option..
6. the dynamic and uncertain schedule for outside of work activities
i.e. programs, meeting friends, my case its always tie to
whether my husband balik or not (which has no fix date and duration)
7. During my first year of marriage, among the mounted issue is to try
to conceive..
8. When the second year comes, the big issue is I'm pregnant and alone
and how can I raise a child without a husband around?
9. The constant prayers and tawakal kepada Allah, even sometimes we do
grieve and cry but the most important thing is to accept the fate, and
try hard to put things into pieces in whatever means.. insya Allah,
Allah tolong kita along the way. In my case, all the time!
All in all, leaves everything to Him, since He is the ultimate planner
of our lives.

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