Monday, November 26, 2012

A baby on a plane

Well im not an expert on this.i just had experienced carrying my baby for 4 return flights(1 long haul,the others are 2+ hrs flights) in less than 2months time.However it worth to note a few points as a guide for the anxious expected mothers out there especially the one who requested  me to jot down this little tips :-)
1.understand your baby.
I believe all mothers had different experience with baby on a basic rule is always to understand your baby-their sleeping patterns,poo routine etc.
2.mummy need to be calm and colllected.
Most first time mother will tend to overworry before deciding to carry and infant on board.we afraid that she will cry non stop, will be affected with the altitude difference,etc. Well you never know what you will face until u actually experience it,right? So dont worry much,just hop on the plane.if u are lucky your baby is easygoing and will sleep throughout the journey:-)
3.make sure baby's essentials in hand luggage.
It worth to bring along a bag special for baby's basic needs-milk,food,simple toys/books,some extra clothes,diapers, etc.if you plan to travel light,here's some tips:
i.if ur baby fully breastfeed,good for you coz it means less things to pack.but never forget your nursing cover ya.
ii.if your baby on formula,be ready of a bottle of milk siap bancuh before u check top up,just bring the milk in single dispensable container and empty milk flight,ask the stewardess to provide the warm can also ask their help to clean the bottles for you.
iii.pillow and blanket are usually provided,no need to bring. cookies and simple food ie baby cereals is handy on plane.
V.put on long sleeves and long pants,i found baby sweater is renyah and no time to remove/wear to adjust with plane temperature.socks are essential! handling
Baby feeding:bring along the essentials ie bottles/feeding bowl n spoon, etc.never forget baby bib!
Baby sleeping:usually when u check in with your infant they will allocate a seat with baby bassinatte.its good if ur baby can sleep by herself in the bassinate so you can be more comfortable once your baby baby jenis light sleeper and bassinate mmg x membantu langsung
La kalau dah pantang bergerak je dia terjaga kan.btw AA short flights doesnt offer any bassinate.
Baby pooing:you can change the diaper in the toilet that have nappy change facilities.dont change at your seat!
Strollers are essential while travelling and should never be left behind.some mothers love to use sling, but if ur petite like me its not a good may end up with body ache (just imagine normal baby at 2mo weighs 5+ kg.itu baru 2mo!)

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