Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Good start to 2014

Alhamdulillah this morning was a breeze and according to my ideal plan.
1. Amna slept early last night, at 11 pm (this is early for her!). Maybe too tired because she main basikal with her cousins and the travelling time from Seremban. Managed to switch off the light (I always wanted to do this every night but Amna would cry and scream once the light was off). Both of us slept soundly all night.
2. Woke up at 5.30 am and switch off the alarm (luckily this time I don't ignore it as i usually do, azam tahun baru beb). I was touched with one stranger's words from facebook that most Muslims nowadays are afraid to wake up before Subuh, takut tak cukup tidur and ngantuk pegi office. End up ramai orang akan solat subuh lewat dan yang lelaki tak dapat solat Subuh berjemaah. Statement ni I rasa macam kena lempang je sebab I felt exactly like that before. Kadang2 saja set alarm kul 6.30am kononnya takut ngantuk gi office.. makhluk mana la yang menyemai doktrin jahat kepada kita ni. Pastu I went straight to the bathroom to take ablution, then i heard a single scream from the room. I was like alamakkk si kecik ni bangun ke... there goes my tahajud :(
3. Si kecik bangun itu rupanya lapar susu sebab semalam dia tido without minum susu. So lepas habis sebotol susu, she teman Mummy ngaji (she loves to sit on my lap when I am reciting Quran or zikir after solat). Since she is in a good mood, I distracted her with her favourite videos and applications (for time like this, I thank God for a magic gadget called Tab/iPad. What I hate was when the girl is playing with her toys or reading books, somebody suddenly `lure' her with Cartoon videos on hp/tab. I am soo pissed off when things like this happen!!). Managed to perform solat2 sunat and Subuh and recited Al Mathurat.'
4. At 6.30am, I ironed the clothes and got ready to work while the little girl was occupied with her toys. I even managed to do sit ups! 
5. Kissed the girl good bye and head to office at 7.30am. I love the morning breeze :) Then baru perasan my car was not at my MIL's house.. so she had to send me to my house to get my car. Muka maintain relax je padahal da gelabah da mula2 tadi takut kereta kena curi. Hahah
6. Arrived at office by 8am.. no boss and not much work today. Kejap lagi boleh dhuha and petang boleh balik at 5pm... yeayy alhamdulillah.
7. This is the ideal work routine that I always wanted. It might be a normal day to some of you, but it is not very easy or too normal for me due to many reasons.Hope I can istiqamah..please pray for me. I pray for you too :) 

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