Saturday, January 18, 2014

Boss hanyalah posmen

(This was written on 19/1)

I am writing this from a condo's balcony overlooking the open sea.With scenic view and the sound of wave crashing the shore, the best word to describe this feeling is .....blessed. The irony part was i just had the same experience last week overlooking the same sea, but from a diffferent shore with different set of people.

I just had yet another conversation with ny colleague about the things that we thought would have gone better with a better leadership. This time was regarding endless work related issues due to different expectation from different level of people in the organisation. We acknowledged that the difference is a norm,but what about the actions to make ends meet?

When all reasons and evidences had resurfaced,we've nobody else to blame but the BOSS.It's always the boss(es) who are incompetent,cruel,heartless,not understanding gen Y, not this and not that. And it is a known fact that most popular reason on our friends' resignation is due to the boss factor. So when there is an obvious target, why bother finding other factor to support the hypothesis?

These few weeks I' ve the opportunity to work on a paper  to be presented to my higher management. Prior to the seating,we were required to have syndication sessions with every one of committee members to obtain mutual agreement prior to the real papee. During these sessions that I slowly realised the rationale of some decisions made by them, and how some idea, no matter how brilliant it was from our own point of view,might not be that good from the eyes of others. The management were trained to think like this,not focusing but always consider the negative impact of everything.My father in law,a military officer once told me that the army are also trained this way so they are better prepared and always in the alert mode incase anything goes wrong to our nation's security.

So the main question is, IS boss the one to be blamed in most situation in the office?

Not shoving the leadership factor aside, we (the gen y) always believe that our bosses need to improve on the leadership skills. BUT never forget that we also need to improve OURSELVES in terms of trying to understand and showing good manners to the elderly. It was worrying when I saw before my eyes that some people I know did not really respect the boss.Some did not informed when coming late to office or even taking leave,did not greet the bosses when they meet at the corridors,did not bother to compose nice sentences in emails.. and the list goes on and on.The selfish and 'I am always right no matter what' attitude need to be improved, my dear friends. A reminder to myself too if ever i cross the line.In simple words,jaga adab kita.

Because the truth is, boss(es) are just postmans - messengers of what had been laid down by our Ultimate Boss. If you dont like your workplace for whatever reason,make a move.Kan simple like that.

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