Monday, February 17, 2014

Learning to talk

Amna is in the early phase of talking..she managed to picked some words she used to hear everyday and use them to communicate with people.How i love this stage! I have fun guessing the right words she meant everytime she didnt get the exact pronounciation.Few list of words yg dia pelat that i can remember such as :

Mummy - memy
Daddy - diddy
Chocolate - kuyat
Carrot - kuyat (! Sama as above)
Rabbit - bebit
Seven - beben
Alif - aip
Sofia - piaa
Elephant - phang
Ten - thang
Fish - ish
Octopus - opus
Tukar - kuka
Three - tee

Afew other words she can pronounce rather fluently such as atok,ma(tokma),cat,frog,ayam,duck,bird, apple.. the usual words that were easy for the tongue. Yes her interest is always animals.Cant wait for next stage!

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