Sunday, October 02, 2016

Selamat tahun baru

i need to revive and strengthen my parenting time with the kids especially part ajar anak baca Quran..
Amna had memorized 12 surahs when i started to be inconsistent around mid year due to overwhelming office work and house chores.Then Amna was (and still is) in phase of voicing out her thoughts like 'taknak la baca surah harini' ' amna taknak baca amna nak tido je' which makes things more difficult for me..its not my style to force the kids into something. i was in idle mode until recently, when i resorted to tell stories of the surah (translation) to my kids before they go to sleep,at least they learnt something if not memorizing the actual surah.They love the animals, volcanos and other physicial elements found in the Quran.
I know semua tu alasan Jadual semua dah ada,mcm2 teknik dah belajar.But it was me.I was being inconsistent. The truth that,perhaps i was inconsistent in reciting the Quran myself (am not proud of it). I know i need to do something and must not rely to anyone else to execute my mission i.e to teach my kids Quran since early age.
Azam tahun baru: Revive and rejuv Quran reciting and parenting activities again.Thanks for the reminder Puan Husna Haron.
Other parents,if you have certain method or ideas on teaching your kids to learn Quran, please share your techniques and tips to this needy mom Gazillion thanks.

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