Friday, March 28, 2008



Once my trainer from work said you got to have these three attributes to become a very successful employee.

You must have sufficient motivation to last for another day at work, to bear the piling works and meet datelines, to hear the boss's complaints and fulfill her demands. That's why employees are encourage to put pictures of their love ones on their office desks, as a constant reminder for whom and what actually they grill themselves all out every single day.

It has a direct relationship with your personal ability too. You have to identify your own strength and weaknesses first, before you actually plan ahead. Let say if you have a bad eyesight and was forever dream to become a pilot, you don't have the choice but to drop out the idea and think of something else instead. Just get real and move on.

Role, yes here comes the tricky part. You won't be the best employee if you do not know your role in the organization. Whether you're an engineer, a planner, a sales person or a manager, you play a unique role to ensure the survival of your company. In a manufacturing industry for example, a product engineer could always screw up and give wrong deduction in his job if he wants to. But if he knew his role well, he would contribute to the organization, eventually to benefit the end-user. Also volunteers and people who work without expecting to get paid are those who actually managed grab this idea of understanding role.

Well, the same concept I try to imply in our daily life, and it makes the perfect sense.

If we keep our motivation high, every good and bad things that happen to us will make us stronger. While the good things resemble the fruits of your hard work, good deeds and endless efforts, bad ones actually enable us to reflect back whatever sin we done and try to improve for the better. At the same time, to realize one's ability will enhance efficiency and productivity in life so that we can have a clear, realistic goal in life. Also we can exploit our skills to the max, to help others and create impacts to the community. Lastly to know our role will make life much more enjoyable and meaningful.Life is not all about money, isn't it?

Just my two cents.

I always believe Capricorns are self-motivated..(true enough!)


manggishitam said...

artikel kau pada kali ini adalah sangat bertepatan masanya dengan masalah yg aku hadapi. bagus!! teruskan menulis!!

/me kembali bersemangat buat kerje

lalala~~ kerjaaaaaaaaaa

Shierrahh Ivy said...

thanks hazel! your comment's like an honour to me :) walopon pada asalnya aku berasa artikel itu agak berterabur namun aku gembira atleast u can get something from it