Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's up

Assalamualaikum and good day,

Well, what did I miss??

PLENTY. ALOT. Yeah, I know.
(Apakah punya soalan)

First and foremost, I didn't plan to explain my absence all these while so let's escape those part okay?

On Malaysia politics
I never had the chance to congratulate Barisan Rakyat (BA) for their success in conquering 5 states in Malaysia. Kelantan was successfully retained. Also BN for maintaining the rest and also the federal government,even without the usual 2/3 majority. I prayed for the betterment of the country, and the rise of vocal-citizens and open government. The people have spoken,now is their part to walk the talk.

Personally, I do envy all the newly appointed opposition MBs/CM. The charismatic Lim Guan Eng who once jailed for defending a 14 year-old girl in a rape case against a former CM, the corporate tycoon Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim whom I love to hear his inspirational stories of his success, the half Chinese engineer by profession-Ir Mohamad Nizar and the ever respected Ustaz Hj Azizan Abdul Razak. These figures prove that the opposition parties are never lack of capable leaders.

On personal life
Well, life's a bit hectic these days, that explains the hiatus. But then, I do ensure a frequent entry in the coming two weeks time because..haha sebabnya adalah rahsia.Eh no, it's not that I'm quitting my job soon, but..nantila I cerita ok?:P

And my first voting experience also was quite nice, the one that I will never forget for life. I even had my pic taken when I inserted my votes in the ballot box (tapi mestilah tak boleh tunjuk gambar tu kat sinikan):)
pakcik baik yang benarkan kami ambil gambar masa mengundi

Meanwhile, I managed to attend a senior's wedding in Penang and we enjoyed our time there too, sampai naik feri ke mainland sebab ada member tak pernah naik :) Apapun it was fun!

Tahniah Kak Sha and Abang Zul

OK I'll continue later. Salam Maulidur rasul to all !

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