Sunday, May 04, 2008

On hijab..

I found this very interesting.

( oh yes, you might have watched this clip embedded in too)


manggishitam said...

i've watched this video years ago back at utp hehe. well, wearing veil does not limit you to do whatever you want... few people here were surprised in what I am capable to do though i'm wearing veil. making good impression i guess hehe..

only few drawbacks from the clip:
1)wearing veil and smoking-what's the motive behind it? something fishy kan?
2)the women that cover her face macam pakai selimut instead of the real purdah. gile kantoi cam nk tertanggal haha

Shierrahh Ivy said...

oh mengapakah aku takpenah tengok ek mase kat utp? huhu giler ketinggalan zaman daa.. btw i agree pasal mendelah fishy tuh. macam nak tunjuk org pakai tudung ni ade gak yg prangai tak best (e.g smoking erm, no offense)..