Saturday, May 10, 2008

Only by experience

Some things you can learn, only by experience.

Like, you won't know the tricks and tips to go through massive jams in LDP every morning, if you never experience it before. I'm focusing on the Sunway - Puchong toll gate, though I heard it is about the same in Damansara too. That Smart Tag lanes are not necessarily the fastest, but if you have a Smart Tag device will help to ease your way, since you have the choice to choose the lanes, whether ST, TnG or normal ones depending on which has the least traffic. And if you wish to go further towards Kelana Jaya, always keep right and avoid changing lanes. Same goes if you want to go to Sunway, never venture to the right side, and never hesitate to use the normal lanes so that you won't be stuck in the unnecessary jam. OK, here I babble again about LDP. It just that, I can't help it.. I go through this everyday, like several thousands of other people.hehe but no matter how much people hate LDP massive traffic flows, I still prefer it over the MRR2. MRR2 memang takleh tahan wey jem dia.. No offense :)

And also what I recently discover a few hours ago, that you can get a fluffy and soft french toast if only you fry it with butter. And being creative, you can make a fancy, tastier french toast by adding garlic, salt and pepper to your egg mix. Yes it might sound pretty basic, but I just learned it. Through experience. Hehe. Since sometimes I do burn my french toast, especially when I use less egg ( konon nak healthy diet) and fry it using normal cooking oil.

I consider myself as an adventurous ( and stubborn) type, thus people who knows me well, they know that I really grasp this concept by heart. If people are telling me the do's and dont's that do not make any sense to me, I am actually just digesting only half of it, and the other half of me are dying to try it in person. So that I can make the good judgement by myself.

I.e just a few weeks ago, I played paintball for the first time in my life and it was very exciting. Before this I thought the game encourage unnecessary phyisical contacts between the players, which I totally against to, but actually it is not. You will hardly have the opportunity to reach three quarter of the field towards the opposite side, let alone to capture the opponent's flag. The best part if you encounter a on-to-one battle with your enemy, wahh so exciting wey. Minus the bruise and blood if you are not well protected. Huhu. My advise : just wear all the gears available and do not worry on the extra charges, as your safety is more important. Or because you might get lucky, like me, to get the protection gears for free! Well, I'm talking about amateurs and first timers here, not the professional paintballers with fancy names. Seriously, you have to have a fancy name to become a professional paintball player. Haha, paintball die hard fans, you know what I mean. But yes, terms and conditions applies. My perception changed through experience.

And now, using the same concept, I made the hard decision to choose my career path. I really want to experience how it feels like to venture in my preferred working field, so I just go for it. Mind you, this only-by-experience concept will not always resulted in the best way as you can imagine, but nonetheless, at least you get the satisfaction. You don't follow other people's decisions or suggestions blindly, but you actually follow your heart. You will feel the satisfaction of making your own decision.

And also as I am writing now, I can't help to wonder, am I making the right decision by having this concept all this while? Certainly you will face uncertainties and doubts, the ups and downs in this challenging journey. I faced some bumps in my journey, and currently in one, but do I have to regret everything and start to point fingers to no one but myself? It is easier for me to just go with the flow and extract the best out of everything that seems to bug me, which apparently resulted by my own decision earlier. After all, it is only by experience I get to experience all this, right?

OK, I know I'm beating about the bush,and probably make some readers confuse ( are you?). But I actually glad I wrote this. At least, it helps to soothe me a little, and I haven't been doing this quite a while in this blog, have I? And to my curious friends, I'm OK and don't worry. It is not a crime when once in a while, I write about me, in my own blog right? Haha


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