Monday, April 12, 2010

The Blind Side

I love it when FT wrote a review on The Blind Side in his blog. I was thinking of doing one myself but eventually forgotten since I watched it months ago. Initially the film was suggested by my hubby since it is a true story about an American Football star (OK did you get it? American Football and rugby kan macam adik beradik sikit. Satu boleh baling bola ke depan, satu boleh baling sisi je.Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.huhu). But the main attraction for me is more towards the lead actress- Sandra Bullock. Well she is my favourite actress so far..I guess since Miss Congeniality.

Kalau nak detail boleh baca review FT. But for me, I love this film since it portrays the theme -`unconditional love'. It shows how a white-middle-class family adopted a black stranger from the street,in the middle of the night, back to their huge, cozy home. Apparently, the mother, Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock) found that the big black stranger, Michael Oher/Big Mike is her children's schoolmate. And the journey of how seemingly hopeless, slow-academic-learner like Mike became a successful football player was amazing. Just because a few strangers( not even his own real family) have faith in him and found the best side of him-his high defensive ability. This rare ability is later exploited that turned Big Mike into one of the best football player so far.

Likewise, Leigh Anne too learnt a lot during Big Mike's presence in her house. Although her family seems perfect-wealthy, classy, even her children have good manners despite being spoilt in a rich family. Minor things being highlighted by Mike's body language such when he brought his plate silently and sit at the dining table while the rest of the family ate while watching their favourite tv program. It resulted for Leigh Anne to force her husband and children to dine together at the dining table instead J Sounds familiar? I believe this exact scenario happens in our own family, more often than not.

Conclusion- go watch this movie. Sadly it was not premiered in Malaysia, I don't know why. Eventually it makes me wonder, why our local movies always focused on commercial rather than humane aspects with positive messages underneath. Well, sci-fi and comedy movies can always have some humanely aspects, no?  I think we've got enough car and motor racing, hantu, samseng, call girls, cerita lovey-dovey jumpa awek masa tunggu bas or kat pasar,cinta dua darjat etcetera. It is time for real film that makes people stop and think, and appreciate life, love and human being even more.

P/S:I also believe this movie is more watched by others after Sandra Bullock got her best actress  Oscar award recently. No doubt one of the best movie I've watched so far (Kakak, please include this in your DVD list,thanks.haha)


^fairyha^ said...

Best ke rupenye cite ni? Ces. Aritu member aku ade DVD cite ni dlm collection die. Rugi tak tengok.

Anyway, kat umah aku letak tv kat dining area tu so takde excuse nak g makan kat atas. Haha.

Shierrahh Ivy said...

kalo tv kat dining tu takleh masuk cd eh? huhu best ah citer ni, inspiring.atleast aku tak tdo..and sandra bullock mmg rawk lah lakonan diye