Wednesday, April 07, 2010

38.8 degC

This, is the first time I..

-had a really high fever (usually dalam 37degC je or less)
-had fever immediately after woke up in the morning without the usual symptoms (cough,sore throat,etc)
-had immediate two days MC from a clinic known as kedekut MC
-had sick leave two weeks in a row (last week ada MC gak)
-suspected dengue but confirmed negative after a blood test
-had a blood test just because of fever(!)

while just last year I boasted off my almost no MC record (okeh,I MC sehari je tahun lepas).Sebab tu orang tua kata jangan berlagak, kan dah kena..huhu -_-

some people might say alah fever je pon, apalah big deal sangat.Tapi I really hate going to doctors.. I hate taking medicine and injections. My husband pun dah tau habit I setiap kali jumpe doktor (rahsia haha).. so this is quite something for me.Nak-nak with the second outbreak of H1N1 now adays. So ladies and gents, please take good care of yourself.

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