Thursday, May 20, 2010

Below RM10

Yes, those are rugby theme, everyone.
Customized order, haha (thanks Pn Aishah!)
Since his condition is to give present below the budget of RM10, so one cupcake does worth less than RM10.
Penat gak la nak pikir camne nak fulfill the condition -_-
To kakak bijou, does it looks familiar? :P
To someone special who turned 26 last week;
Sorry I didn't managed to wish you on time  (I was asleep and I could not call you/text you anyway-takde line)
Tapi takpe you told me you went to bed quite early too so we were equal there
Sorry I didn't get you something fancy, just a humble bunch of cupcakes
I am planning to give you something more meaningful
And treat you for a fancy dinner
And hundreds of other thing that I want to do with you
But its just a birthday anyway, a day that we grow older
Lets treat each of our days together as equal meaningful as the special day that we missed.
p/s: to readers, kindly ignore the PDA (public dispay of affection).I'm sure it will not come often.Hehe 


bijoux said...

adik!! kenapa posts awk tade date?? haha yes looks awfully familiar. tp seronok kan..boleh pilih2 theme ni. hope he had a wonderful birhtday!

Shierrahh Ivy said...

he loves it :) tapi dont u think the icing is too sweet? :p post takde date tu kerana saya post thru email, bukan pakai