Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tahajjud Cinta - a review

Tahajjud Cinta is the latest CD I bought recently.People who knew me close enough, would realised that this album must mean something deep. Because at only very few occurence that I bought a CD (or cassette in yesteryears), since usually I would not care much about songs and music. I just listened to whatever being played in the radio or if I love the songs I heard, I just find it in the net and replayed it. I remembered few months back, me and hubby always search for this album everytime we were in malls but failed to be found.We knew that it was released back in end of 2009. Kenapa ya? Does it only available at selected shops?
So what is so special with Tahajjud CInta?
If you need my one liner, I would say - the songs are very soothing.
So if you need something to unwind your emotions, or as a company in car during traffic jams, or just a plain daily listening - I guess this is a good alternative.It contained one of the nicest Asma' ul Husna recited ever, but my personal favourite is `Pintu RIndu' which is actually a famous marhabban melody being modified it lyric to give more meaning. Also, a few that are already familiar to our ears are `Tahajjud CInta' (soundtrack from the drama Alif Firdaus) and `Ku Percaya Ada Cinta'. Others are nice too. Kesimpulannya I suka!
But...if you already has the negative perception of not liking the singer for whatever reason, then I have no right to bash out your initial perceptions. Although Siti has not cover her aurat properly, or is too perfect(beautiful,wealthy with even wealthier husband,luck is always at her side but yet still tak-pakai-tudung-walau-kata-nak-pakai-pas-balik-haji) that made points of disgust to some others, but at least with this album she will have a fair share of pahala that maybe we did not have. Perhaps by listening to these songs will open the heart of someone to repent..even if it is only one person at the other side of the world.Who knows? I see this as an advantage by being a public figure that normal people are not given the opportunity to spread dakwah as they are.
As the conclusion, go get the CDs. Or at least search in youtube to get the feel of what I mean. But of course everyone has their own preference, and I have mine. Just pray that the songs will touch hearts of people to change for the better (especially the singer! ameen).
Enjoy :)

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