Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you wear neck tie?

Being a woman, I never really fancy this one particular garment, although I used to wear it during my primary school in Standard 5 and 6 (prefect la katakan,konon). Hence, I knew how to tie a tie (!) properly back then, but not anymore. I even felt an unnecessary gush of panic before my wedding just because I don't really know how to tie a tie (owh I hate the bold words,it doesn't sounds right! how can I rephrase it, anyone?), since everyone said you need to know this particular art so that you can tie for your husband before he goes to work..sweet kan I worrying things like that? :p I simply don't like ties as I think it doesn't serve any purpose.It just make dressing to work more complicated. I think many guys do agree with me. I mean, can I see a raise of hand, who actually LOVES tie so much? Tak ramai, kan. And what actually happens after lunch? Yes you guess it right, their neck ties are simply gone.
It's such a huge relief when, after married I discovered that my husband doesn't wear a neck tie. Or actually he don't like wearing one (oh yeke? jadi di mana tie cantik pemberianku sebagai hantaran tempoh hari? :p). Once he mentioned to me, `Driller tak main la pakai tie, skema la' hahah yelah tu. Thank goodness the company does not have a very strict dresscode to adhere to.
As many of us perceived that tie is hugely accepted as part of formal dresscode around the world, there is one country whom actually spare this- it is IRAN. I just knew about this fact! And more interesting thought to ponder on the reason of why they banned ties. In Iran, ties are viewed as un-Islamic and said to contribute to the spreading of western culture. You can read more about it here. But don't worry, you won't be caught by the police if you are seen wearing one in Iran.They are not extremist..:)
I always envy Iran for its boldness and its refusal to follow the westerns blindly.Kudos! So its not just me who hate ties, I guess.

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