Monday, November 22, 2010

Common Blog Annoyance

I believe most of you readers love bloghopping, like me :) Or else you whom does not really knows me personally wouldn't land to my blog, right? I just want to list down the annoying thing I sometimes found in some blogs that I believe annoys you too.. or is it just me who is overly sensitive? Haha typical.
1. I hate copy-pasted blogs. I know I've mentioned it somewhere earlier,haha. I mean, maybe one or two entries once in a while is not harmful, but to have an 80% copy-pasted entries in your blog is just a big NO. Might as well you just link your post to the blog/website you referred to.
2. I hate blogs that contained vengeful and hatred entries, even worse if it is full with bad words. It brings negative vibes and bad impression to the writer. Often I always turned off by good content blogs just because the writers are just too rude, insensitive and mean.
3. I don't fancy blogs that talked solely about her/himself alone-no other topics involved. But I agreed that this kind of blog does attract many curious readers but often end up they talked about the self-centred writer behind her/his back. I always wonder,what's the value of having this kind of blog? Hmm.
4. I hate blogs with too much short sentences/slangs/mix languages that is sometimes hard to read. Please, oh please use correct words and sentences,and avoid mixing languages in one sentence. Ok sometimes I did this crime unintentionally, so forgive me :)
5. Like you, I do follow some famous contemporary bloggers whom have hundreds of faithful followers. But I hate when I can detect promotion entries that is sponsored by some other companies to sell their products. I mean, I understand they have to do it because they're top bloggers and actually get paid for it, but it can be really boring and cliche, like watching ads on tv. I 've read some very good bloggers whom manage to produce original write-up even to promote someone else's products. For me, these are the real true bloggers.
I guess 5 is enough for now :) So what element that annoys you most in blogging world?

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xara said...

Blog yang ditulis dengan menggunakan warna fon yang tidak sepadan - cth tulisan biru dan latar hitam.

Blog yang mempunyai banyak animasi dan juga video yang auto play.

Blog yang tajuk entrinya sangat panjang dan ditulis ala-ala poyo - cth : Gempar, pencuri ditangkap ketika makan di rumah sendiri (tapi isi cerita takde kaitan pun dengan tajuk)

Ah.. senarainya panjang.

Harapnya blog saya tidak menjadi blog yang #3. huhu.