Thursday, November 25, 2010

Health Tips#4: Frozen Yogurt

Currently we're in love with frozen yogurt, particularly after we tasted J Co's Cool Yogurt! And after a quick search, I just found out that in the U.S, frozen yogurt is already a preferred alternative to ice cream due to its lower calories content (the main difference of both is yogurt replaces cream as in ice-cream). But I don't really think it is quite common here in Malaysia, no? I believe only few dessert outlets serve frozen yogurt cause it is kind of hard to get! However one major drawback is the price might be slightly higher than normal ice-cream.. J Co sells J Cool as the above for about RM20++( the price range on selection of toppings). But if you are a real health freak plus yogurt lover, you definitely need to give this a try. I have started to google home made frozen yogurt recipe already..heheh (ambitious kan?!)
Anyone wants to recommend any other outlets that sells nice frozen yogurt? Do let me know ok :)

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