Monday, November 25, 2013

How I Miss Everything

How I miss blogging so much but could not commit to type even a sentence since the past few months.Blame my old slow net book that still working but not typing friendly.Or does my finger had grown bigger??

How I miss blog hopping and read others' thoughts. Blame the rapid usage of smartphones and smartphone friendly social media.

How I miss doing business, particularly Susu Ilham. I stopped when I am about to give birth, and for some reason I still did not resume selling it even after1 year 7 months. Can you believe that alot of people still asking about that product even when i do not promote it to the public? Good product stays in people's head and heart,they say.

How I miss my baby when she was small. I am working on a delayed photobook project of hers and could not stop gazing at her chubby face when she was few months old.

How I miss my husband. Fullstop.

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