Saturday, November 30, 2013

New to supplements? Keep your fundamental right

I believe most of us are already consuming, or would like to consume health supplements in our daily intake. Unless if you had a very healthy and balanced daily diet, almost everyone need to take some depending on your body and  lifestyle.

I watched Dr Oz' tv show (he was a frequent in Oprah's before having his own show) some times ago and he actually recommended 3 supplements for everyone.

An excerpt taken from Dr Oz' website as below :

Every day Dr. Oz dispenses a wealth of innovative tips so you can live your healthiest life. But keep in mind, you do not need to do or try everything that’s recommended.  Take supplements, for example. While Dr. Oz frequently reports on the benefits of various supplements, he by no means expects you to take every single supplement that’s mentioned on the show.
To clear up any confusion, follow this rule of thumb: As a baseline regimen, avoid taking more than 5 different supplements per day. By doing so, you could risk potential negative pill interactions, so always discuss with your doctor or pharmacist first.
To help simply your regimen, listed below are the 3 supplements that Dr. Oz deems absolutely essential for everyone to take: a multivitamin, omega-3 fatty acids, and calcium with magnesium. Anything else should be customized according to your gender, age or health goals such as weight loss, improved memory, or relief.
Even if the statement comes from a medical doctor, there is no absolute right or wrong about supplement intake. However I would like to emphasize that it is vital to consult somebody, be it your medical doctor, pharmacists or any product consultants that you personally know and believe, before you start to eat a single pill. The internet have abundance of information about this and is a good starting point if you're a curious cat regarding this issue.

Have fun exploring!

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