Saturday, December 14, 2013

Malaysian's annual shopping spree

I am writing live from the biggest n most popular book fair in Malaysia which is held annually, the BBW. After many years of missing the event, this year I decided to join the fun not once, but twice.Coincidentally I went to BBW on its first day and its last day, both was and is still a grabbing book spree. I mean, no one can resist cheap books, right?

To be honest I have not finish even a single book from the bunch that I bought last 10 days (with exception of Amna's books). And I am still buying few, ahsm, a number of books today, only this time I limit my buy to non fictions and focus the title for the whole family interest. I was also quite amazed to find many people already throng the place, with little children towing behind parents, in this early hours.  It was indeed an impressive sight.

Then come the real question;  can we really finish reading all the books that we bought? Or would it be another fillers to our towering bookshelves? Or do we just love the shopping part and this event is the most guilt free shopping spree one can ever have, so why miss it!

With the anecdote, let us vow to finish reading all the books we bought in BBW. All the best to you and me !

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