Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tipula kalau tak jealous

Tipula kalau I tak jealous....

1. Tengok orang dating ngan husband hari2

2. Tengok orang gi kerja dihantar dan dijemput husband

3. Tengok orang yang mampu pergi outstation/event/program sebab husband ada tolong jagakan anak

4. Tengok orang yang tenang je kat rumah sebab husband tolong uruskan hal2 harian dari basuh baju, iron baju, kemas rumah etc

5. Tengok family yang weekendnya penuh aktiviti untuk seisi keluarga macam pergi park, shopping mall, program etc

6. Tengok orang yang mampu plan the weeks and comply to it without dail

7. Tengok orang yang boleh gilir2 cuti ngan husband utk jaga anak bila caretaker bercuti

8. Tengok orang yang mudah nak plan dptkan anak siap specific lg jarak berapa tahun etc..

Tipulah kalau tak jelous. Perasaan tu satu fitrah bagi manusia terutama yang tak dapat depan mata padahal orang lain dapat je tanpa banyak effort. I pun x terkecuali dalam hal ni.. and honestly it takes some time to heal or find the rationale.

For me it doesnt matter, you deserve to grief for a while but dont take too long to heal, ok dear? Coz things like this is beyond our control, and no matter hard we try, if Allah has other plan for you it will never ever work.

For me, at this point of time where my emotion is most stable, the trick is to always sedar yang kita ni hamba. Siapa kita ni nak marah2 when our life turns to be the total opposite from what we dream. Sebab Pencipta kita itu tahu semuanya..

Looking back, I admit that my life journey is quite easy and straightforward. I was never the best in school but always in the top3 in primary school, top10 in secondary. My parents were the easygoing ones who always support and allow me to do whatever I want. I want to go to the boarding school and was selected.I never prepared for my scholarship interview for uni but got the offer. I met my right guy in uni who was from my hometown and got married. I never had financial problem as far as I am concern, alhamdulillah. As I said, I was never the best and some things do happen not the way I wanted I.e I dont get to further my study overseas and did not obtain a first class degree, but almost everything in my life falls nicely into places.... until I got married.

Allah uji I lepas I got married....
(To be continued)

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