Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let's recap..

Assalamualaikum and good day to all,

Alhamdulillah, I've finished four papers within six days..quite challenging for warga tua yang dah setahun lebih tak exam like me. There are two more to go, which will be one paper per week for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully everything will be fine, Insya Allah.

Today I will let the pictures do most of the talking..recap of SOME of the things that happen before the exams start. Well, updates for exams will be posted later, if ever I had the mood to do so. Hehe

Yay! I've started to take my first supplement ever.. GARLIC PILLS. Not many knew the benefits of garlics including me, until I met the doctor and she advised me to take this. Nah, actually I'm the one who asked what supplement she would recommend. Since youth nowadays generally consumes lots of fat and oil and cholesterol in their daily meals, garlic can actually lower the cholesterol in your blood. And to buy it in campus clinic is much cheaper, since they offer student's price. Nice!

Lots and lots of tests before the study week, even the study week was filled with presentations. AND my first paper? The first day of exam week! So much of being a final year, I guess.

A surprise cake by my adik-adik Smartgroup.. I'm soo overwhelmed!=P

These are good luck cards that we received..thanks girlss! You all are soo cute!

Erk, tu je?
Hehe the rest will be update later, whether there's no pics or I'm too lazy to upload the pics from my phone. Sorry there's not much issues to tell since I'm still struggling for final exams.
Last but not least,
I think I ought to say this since it suddenly popped into my mind. Yeah, during exam, sometimes we think we did a great job, or we did just moderately, or we just regretted for not studying this notes and that past years questions for it actually appeared in our final exams. Or worse, we just did not have any clue to write on the piece of paper, but then we just scribbled anything and hoped for the examiners will give markah kesian. Well, what ever conditions fit you during the exams,please be in control and at ease okay. I think most older people had experienced all that including me, and it just a matter of perceiving it and interpreting everything in a positive sort of way.
My point is let bygone be bygone, we had strive hard for it and now we just have to tawakkal and doa to Allah. As I quote my friend said, tawakkal selepas exam, sebelum exam kita kena berusaha habis habisan!! There's no point of being devastated or feeling down or cried after a horrible paper. That's not our power to change what we've written, but there is always Allah, the Most Merciful. He can do anything, even to change our fate if we'd done our best and we pray hard to Him. Why most people always forget that? Well, talking about spiritual strength.

Ok then, I think I've made my point here. All the best for the remaining papers. Also special for my juniors who will go for student exchange programs and internship in aussie and german, may the force will always be with you. You had the chance that everyone else is always dreamed for, and take the opportunity to outshine the best in you. Oh ye, don't forget my souvenirs okay??;P (heheh sempat je).
And the rest who will go locals, still my best wishes for all of you.For the time being, marilah kita ke IRC dan berkampung di sana sempena musim exam untuk masa depan yang lebih gemilang..=)
Until then.


Hazlina Hashim said...

the opportunity to outshine the best in me? haha~ sengal gile ah pegi aussie. wahai korang2 sumer jangan mudah terpedaya!! (jadik batu api haha)

weh shah gudlak la tuk paper2 seterusnye. IRC tabest. aku kalau g IRC usya orang je keje. bukan nk belaja pun ngeh ngeh~

Shierrahh Ivy said...

chis hazel..baru je aku nk bagi semangt kat bebudak tuh.huhu ko memang..btw diorg gi satu sem je so tak smpat kot nk sengal.wahahaa mekaseh2.satu lagi je paper.aku kna la pi irc kalo tak tdo or main tenet je keje kt room. all the best to you too=P