Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Halal and Healthy

Several ways to promote Halal and Healthy Lifestyle (recommended by me=P):


1- Check all ingredients stated at the outside cover of all processed and canned food (although you cauld not even understand half of them. when you find something curious, such as weird codes, animal-based gelatin, renet or anything, find second opinion or just go for something else.

2- Of course, look for halal logo certified by JAKIM. But for imported products, of course you won't find JAKIM's logo. Instead, look for the manufacturer country's halal logo or if you are curious or waswas, just go for alternative products.

3- Try to find local brands and products, even better if you can assure they are made by Muslim company especially for basic needs and food stuff. For example, find toothpaste with brands of Mukmin, Safi and etcetera, curry powder or cooking stuff by Adabi or Mak Siti and etcetera. Besides to ensure you consume halal and good stuff, you can also help to boost up Muslim's companies by supporting their products. In this case, I think everybody should have a new perspective in choosing their preferred products. The common belief of `imported and famous products are better in quality than local products' must be demolished in your mind. Local Muslim products are equally good as well, and they need our support to expand to get inline with other giant brands in the market.

4- Please be aware of boycotted products, whether they directly support Israel to destroy Muslim populations and ideology throughout the world, they are using non-halal stuff in their products or they are insensitive with Muslims needs and beliefs.Want some examples? These are too common. Coke, Starbucks, Mc Donald's, KFC, Procter & Gamble (Palmolive and Rejoice Shampoo), Sara Lee, Intel and lots more - they support Israel directly. Cadbury and several cheese brands use curious animal emulsifier/gelatin in their products (just several examples, there's lots more) and Colgate and High 5 bread are insensitive towards Muslims. (these kind of info won't be published widely though, you have to browse the internet to find more).

1- Avoid eating the most famous breakfast in Malaysia -Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. Very bad for health. Reduce greasy and high cholestrol food in your daily meal. The best breakfast is cereal, the best cereal is OAT as it contains beta glucan that can reduce cholesterol in your blood.

2- Eat lost of veggie.Or if you're UN-veggie lover like me, fruits can create the same impact too (come on, belajar-belajar la suka makan sayur okay-nasihat diri sendiri).

3- Start to consume supplement food, such as vitamin C, E, garlic pills (hehe promote) or anything. Consult your doctor to get the best impact. And if you used to buy direct from the pharmacy, please ask if the pills are halal or not. My doctor said that the garlic pills that I consumed is certifed halal by only two manufacturers, UPHA and HOVID. The rest are uncertain since they are packed outside Malaysia.

4- Spend some time to jog or play once a while. It won't harm you, trust me, and way better than playing tennis or football in the computer games (haha, sorry sapa2 yang terasa;P)

Until then, eat wisely, consume HALAL things and boycott Israel-related and products manufactured by insensitive companies!!

percayalah, kita mampu mengubahnya!


FM said...


Maaf sekadar sedikit pembetulan.
Procter & Gamble (P&G) tidak mengeluarkan Palmolive, tapi Rejoice memang ada. Tak lupa juga Febreeze dan Oral-B. Oh, Pringles juga ada.

Palmolive, begitu juga Colgate bawah satu syarikat sendiri - Colgate & Palmolive. Masih di dalam senarai boikot :P Antara produk lain - bagi yang kurang sedar - adalah Softlan dan juga Dynamo.

Oh ya, sebagai tambahan, walaupun saya tak pasti sama ada Pepsi ada dalam senarai boikot atau tidak, tapi.. well... Pepsi..... macam Coca Cola jugak. Pepsi di bawah Pepsico yg juga mengeluarkan 'Quaker' :P Tapi takpe, saya selalu ketemu dengan oat berlabel Halal JAKIM dan buatan syarikat Malaysia.

Pendek kata, baca label lagi senang. Hehehe...


Oh ya, apa kata di masa akan datang, saudari keluarkan satu senarai alternatif bagi apa-apa yang dirasakan boleh diboikot. Contohnya, Dynamo.. apa alternatif yang baik. Sebab masih banyak manusia yang takut berubah.


Shierrahh Ivy said...

salam..terima kasih atas komen.sorry, my mistake..P&G mmg keluarkn rejoice n several other syampoo brand and alat keperluan kebersihan lain, while Colgate-Plamolive satu syarikat lain, yg mmg masuk senarai boikot jugak.mekaseh FM atas pembetulan=) btul, byk lagi brand yg boikot sebnarnya cuma tak mampu nk snaraikan semua.bagus cadangan utk senaraikan brg alternatif tu, sy akan kumpul maklumat dan try usahakan ok..gomenasai!!=)