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Dari Wien ke Roma


(This entry was made based on requests which I could not resist. However it will be a very brief one, besides it would be my own personal note for the future)

In the beginning of the semester break, I was having a family vacation to a place fully arranged by Abah. I went there 2 days after my last paper for the final exam, so just imagine I was quite rushed to settle things on time. But then, takde ape2 nak di rush kan pun. My elder brother had arranged his working leave well and my other bro already in a mids of semester break. Thus, I just joined the crowd, infact that the holiday was planned especially for me to fit in (due to my unusual `school' holiday compared to other IPTs)

(halamak I've started blabbering the unnecessaries, I did promise this would be a short one right?? Huhu sorry)

Okay, we joined a 10 days tour covering Austria and Italy. To be precise, the places we went were Vienna-Salzburg-Innsbruck (three places in Austria) and Verona-Venice-Florence-Pisa-Rome ( in Italy). That explains why it need 10 days to complete, since the distance on the road altogether was more than 1000km. Yep , we also had lots of exercise and calories burning all the way.Here are bits of my experience along the way. (takleh la nak letak semua kan, ada 600+ gambar semuanya..huhu)

Vienna (Wien)

Vienna is the capital of Austria, a German-speaking country and it looks typically European. Err, means the old Victorian building, smartly-dressed people rushing everywhere (all of them seems very busy). Also the country is very economically and politically stable, its standard of living is higher than the Italians.Maksudnye, barang kat sini memang mahal ok.

Here's an amateur model in front of Belvedere ( a famous garden in Vienna). He went `adik, tangkap gambar Ame depan bus stop nih! Hehe'`OK OK..' Whatever, bro.(dalam hati) haik , depan bus stop pun nak amik gambar?

The Schonbraunn Palace, our first pit-stop in Vienna.
Back then a succesful queen ruled the entire empire, she was known as Maria Theresia. And the famous Napoleon Bonaparte had some blood relation with this royal family indeed. Yup ladies and gents, Napoleon actually originated in Austria!


This place is a must to visit whenever you come to Austria.It is the kampung of Mozart and the very place where they shoot the legendary movie `Sounds of Music'.It is a beautiful small town, with rivers dividing the Old and New Town.

If you watch the Sound of Music, you would certainly remember this garden!

This is the river dividing the Old and New Town.The bridge's under maintenance, as you can see in the pic


This small town is our favourite! A popular skiing place during winter, once hosted a winter Olympic games! We were awed by the Alps and the snowcaps on top of the mountains, something you won't see back in our hometown. This is also the hometown of Swarovski Crystals (girls, takkan tak tau? guys if tak tau Swarovski Crystals, then you're forgiven). Yup the famous man-made crystals. The crystals here are much more beautiful since it used pure, fresh mountain water as part of the main elements in making the crystals.

The scenery in Kristallwalten (Crystal World). This place displayed thousands of Swarovski Crystals and its usage. By the way crystal is not only meant for accessories, but its also important in futuristic movies-making to create the light effects.

Among the Crystals displayed and for sale

The fascinating Alps! However we experienced massive global warming this year so we won't see plenty of snow on top of the mountain.

The first city to visit when we entered Italy. Here we can see The Arena (smaller version of Collosseum) and Juliet's House. You should've heard about Shakespeare's masterpiece, the Romeo and Juliet right? (cerita cinta dua darjat).They were actually existed for real.

The heavily vandalised signboard. Casa Giuletta means Juliet's House

My bro again, in front of the city hall. To his right was the Arena ( not in pic)


Have you watched Casiono Royale? I haven't, but I heard they made some shoots over here. And what's so romantic about Venice? I'm yet to get the answer..(maybe I'm just not a romantic person.Haha). Venice is an island with unpredictable weather..yup in personal note,we learnt our lesson.

The famous gondola in Venice

The sporting Datuk Hon's family
Florence (Firenze)
An old city where the first industrial revolution started.
View of Florence from a hilltop


Pisa is very is actually a small village came to life just because its famous leaning tower.The leaning tower's sister you can find right here in Teluk Intan..hehe

Rome (Roma)

Last not least, we arrived in out last stop, which is also the capital city of Italy.The locals called it Roma. We coincidently had the same schedule as the American President, George Bush when he paid a visit to Rome. This caused us to walk extra miles due to closed roads and thousands of policemen scattered around Rome city. What a luck.

My Mom and the sporting aunties..oops, they referred themselves as Charlie's Angels~ ain't they cute?? Hoho

The Vatican City..(cam tak caye bleh sampai kat tempat ni.Btw tak jumpe pun Pope. Dia busy nak prepare meeting ngan Bush kot)

Banyak kan polis? Ni semua Bush punya pasal..takut sgt orang nak serang dia

Constantine and the Forum Ruins. Rome was a huge empire thousands of years ago

The ever famous Collosseoum..tapi sekarang dah takde orang main Gladiator lagi (kalau ade teringin gak I nak tengok)
Kesimpulan daripada cerita di atas: Saya banyak belajar daripada budaya orang lain, di samping dapat jumpa masyarakat dunia khususnya Europeans.Makin banyak kita mengembara, sepatutnya makin dekat kita dengan Allah, kan? Tapi apa-apa pun peribahasa ni memang suits me best: Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri..lebih baik di negeri sendiri.. hehe
Allright, enough for now. Sorry for the decreasing dictation towards the end of the entry..sudah penat dan malas dah nak tulis. (erm, brief laa sangat entry ni..huhu)I haven't even had my breakfast yet...until then, enjoice=)

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