Friday, July 27, 2007

Of influencing and creating impacts

I would want to post some pictures, but then mr blogspot here won't allow me to do so. (Technical problem maybe?Or is it my computer?)

OK then, nevermind.It doesn't matter anyway.

But personally, it does. I love browsing through websites or blogs which have beautiful and colourful designs with plenty of pictures in it. I mean, who doesn't?

That rings a bell in my head. The same concept should be applied in various other situations, e.g during presentation, verbal communication or even writing as a matter of fact. This is all about influencing, convincing and attracting others to listen or read your thoughts. To convey your messages by any means, verbally or literally, you must have various methods and attractive ones too. This includes visual aids, body language, gestures, voice intonations, different ways of writing.. (okay, now I sounds like a PCS or Technical Writing lecturer pulak..)

To make things simple, I just want to say :

If you write a blog, make it simple, interesting and understandable. Convey your message clearly and add some personal touch in it. Most readers love personal touch. Copy paste thingy seldom give remarkable impacts, seriously.

If you make presentation or public speaking, include appropriate emphasization in important keypoints, continuous eye contacts with your audience and good body language as well.

If you communicate with others, say it from the heart, because it would receive by another heart too. Be sincere, regardless your method of approaching. Sincerity always works.

I'm not really sure why I'm writing this, but most probably due to my observations to the other new bloggers or my juniors who are still in early stage, to learn to convey their thoughts and messages to other people. Nonetheless, I'm not that good, and I'm still learning too although I can be considered as `warga tua' in the campus. Hehe. Just want to give a few humble opinions and suggestions, that won't harm anyway.

Learn from cradle to the grave, right?

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