Thursday, September 20, 2007

Even smallest thing counts..

still remember my cousin??Hehe he's good at making innocent face, but wait till u meet him yourself:P ~-gambar sekadar hiasan-

I always wonder how we, as human being always tend to forget the smallest thing happen in our life. We aim to strive our effort to be the best, to make every moment counts and to live a better life in here and hereafter. Yes, the vision is very true but every now and then, the smallest occasion seems to slip throughour hand, whether we realize it or not.
What I mean is, we focus on large scale efforts but we forget what concurrently happen around us. This include to pick up stray plastic bags on our way to class, or to clean the table after we finish our meal, or not to pluck the leaves of a plant no matter how attractive they are, or to clean the toilet after use, or to call our parents to check on their condition once in awhile, or to go back and meet our grandparents. These things are typical,common chores we do in daily life, but hardly noticed by most people.
So why don't we stop whatever we're doing for a while.. and think about these small things that often we left neglected. Maybe it seems small, but it may cause big impacts in many possible ways.
Until then.

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