Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to my favourite lady


-is an iron lady who managed her kids practically alone most of the time, since her husband works an hour distance from home for the past 26 years
-has a deep affection on handbags, shoes, set pinggan mangkuk and kain-kain
-loves Malay novels like teenagers (which ironically, i don't!)
-always claim she's not that bright just because she only obtained a diploma (which is pretty unfair for me, because I think the reason she didn't pursue her degree is because she got married)
-always being playfully teased by my Dad since she's not technical minded like all of us in the family (eventhough she works in technical field)
-got really panicked just because her boss asked her to managed her work through usage of email and computers
-doesn't like to be captured on camera, but always claim she is not photogenic (takpaham)
-whom favourite topics are always sale, handbags, shoes and recently, `kahwin' (Ame la ni..)
-has an ultimate way to overcome stress : shopping!
-expressive, reactive, concern, caring, sporting..practically everything~
-is the one who always support me and my decision, no matter what
-has only ONE common interest with my Dad : travelling (yang lain kontra habis..)
-is the greatest lady I've ever known in my entire life, and will always be

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