Sunday, November 18, 2007

Of Exams and Weds

Assalamualaikum and hye to all.

In the mids of hectic final exams and everything , I managed to squeezed myself out for a while to attend my dear cousin's wedding. This is the first wedding among my Wan's grandchildren thus it was considered very important to all of us, also it became the benchmark and good reference for the coming wedding very soon (my Mum really take advantage of this event ;P).

Also the interesting part was no caterer included in this wedding ceremony, all dishes were made, cooked, served and washed by ourselves, including the neighbours and the great belia group whom helped in serving and washing. Thanks boys, you guys helped a lot! The end result was everyone fell unconscious due to fatigueness that night, and myself had to rushed early the next day to catch my 9.30 am bus back to Ipoh.

As usual, here are some of the pics taken by myself during the wedding. Of course my favourite are always candid pictures, thus enjoy yourselves ;) And Selamat Pengantin Baru too, to my lovely cousin Hidayah and her husband Salmizal.

the newly weds

the feast

the cousins (I asked Syamim to sit with the girls but he preferred to be the pengapit instead!)

this is aiman, our bounzer (pics taken seconds before the chair broke! bounzer btul ko ni aiman)

si syamim berangan jadi pengantin

.......and often cute faces caught my heart and lens.

Ok enough of the quick getaway, I'm off to finish my 3 remaining papers and an FYP presentation. Wish me luck, dear readers as I always wish for yours.

Warm wishes for all ;)

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