Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beginning of the End

notice board yang sarat..masa third year

Assalamualaikum and good day.

Someone might be expecting this kind of post, the reflection of a recent unofficially graduated student.So this is my version of story.It may be brief yet meaningful and I dedicated this to all my friends and faithful readers out there.

Well, where to start actually?

Eventually I started as an EE student but ironically, this is the least course that I like. At that time, I don't even want to be an engineering student but as I always learnt as time goes by, I'm destined to be here and will be graduated here on time, Insya Allah. I also considered the experience I gained here are priceless and was the most important decision of a lifetime.

Here, in this university, I faced my ups and downs in life.


I'd experience the best- I studied smartly and played hard and managed my time as good as I can. My grades are neither too good nor to bad, but enough to pleased my parents (I suppose). Luckily I started with quite good grades, thus it balanced out my CGPA until the last semester I was here. I joined lots of events and made lots of friends, and many became good friends and sisters whom helped me through thick and thin. These people helped me doing assignments and projects when I finished my meetings until 3 a.m everyday for weeks. They also made my day and the ones I share my rantings, ramblings and problems with. Some of my friends lost their loved ones while in university days, and many faced difficult situations with smiles and the spirit of fighters. I was inspired by them, I always be amazed with their abilities and strengths to face tough life, and commitments towards living a better life and never give up. The lecturers were wonderful too, really.

There were times when I got sick of too much meetings and commitments to fulfil, but eventually I just think about the impact of my in appropriate decision to others. And sometimes the meetings really cheered me up for the various attitudes of the members and heated discussions. The busy seasons were during my second year until the semester before I went for my internship program, and I survived with helps of people around me and of course, The Almighty. After internship, it was quite awkward for me for not being as busy as I used to be previously and surprisingly, I did missed those days. Thus, I filled my time by knowing and helping the juniors, and spending quality times with them. During my last semester I also had the opportunity to became a facilitator for the freshies that was quite rare for final semester students, but I decided to give it a shot. I tried to give my best and share my experience with them so they can learn and be prepared to lead campus life.

MAS 2007 July Intake memories..students and facees of Platoon F

The worse got me too, although I think I'm a positive person who always tried to change bad times into valuable ones. I always being misunderstood, and I know I do misunderstand others sometimes. In my earlier days, I might be very stern, serious and bad-tempered. Sometimes I snapped back when people are criticising me. I expects other people works professionally and seek fo perfections in everyone, while not awaring that perfections are somewhat impossible. I got used of people commenting I've a slight bossy attitude, however I hope I'd portrayed it in a positive way. In my studies, sometimes I did get bad results for my tests and coursework marks. I 'd obtained `see me' scribbled on my papers a few times, even sometimes I did not show up at the lecturer's office for consultation hour. However Allah's still loves me, Alhamdulillah. Normally my end results were not as bad as I always imagine, thus I was and always convinced that my prayers and tremendous efforts are answered by the AlMighty. If it is not in the forms of what you desire, maybe in other means. It works for everyone, not only me. REALLY.

When I faced hard times, normally I would hold back and never show my weaknesses to everybody, but when it stayed in the heart way too long I did burst out. A few of my good friends had witnessed these, and I thanked you guys big time for being there for me. Really, you guys are my strength. By saying friends I don't only mean my immediate friends, but also my lovely seniors and juniors here. You all means so much to me. Sometimes I was hurt by the people that I knew too well, and many times I'd cried because of them. But at last I always convinced that they were never did those on purpose. Maybe they think its normal, maybe they think I deserved it. Or maybe they were too stressed up with personal problems that they found me to be their punching bag. Whatever the reason, I never hold any grunge against anybody. The best part is I do forgive and forget, and just live a new, a better life. That's it.I'm thankful for everything that happened, for better or worse. Allah gave me precious, invaluable friends around me all the time, what else could I wish for?

sempat bela kura-kura masa third year..tu pun 2 minggu je


I might be cranky and annoying at times, but I did try to improve myself day by day. If you know me from day one I stepped my foot in the university, I think you would notice the difference as I leave the university for good, perhaps.

For my graduating friends, I hope we'll meet again sooner and frequent, and not just at each other's weddings. Haha. Do keep in touch, okay? Email pun jadilaa.. blog ke YM ke gtalk ke hehe. And for those who may concern, we have a very important mission to accomplish. Never let our family, high salaries, huge cars and big house fool us and later become our ultimate aim in life (Nauzubillah). Let strive all out and keep the high spirit!!

For my seniors, as you all had live your real life now, its time for me and the rest to follow your path. Thanks for the invaluable guidance and advice ( and many chocolates from Kak Shikin ;P), you guys rock big time! I think the tradition in my old school where the seniors and juniors as so closely bounded made me fully utilised my seniors in the university.Hehe and do pray for the best for us as we always pray for you.

For my remaining friends and juniors, jaga kampus baik-baik ye. Keep up the good work and strength and passion in living life, and NEVER GIVE UP! The tides of life will always come and go, just `hadapi dengan senyuman' (credit to Amie for mentioning this song to me sometimes ago, it was very nice ;). To those who will start their internship soon, best wishes for you guys. Spend time wisely since you'll have plenty of time compared to you being in campus, believe me. And whoever have blogs, do update frequently ya;) By the way, thanks Hani for your sweet thoughts..until we meet again :)

I'd also received a few gifts from my juniors and friends as a token of remembrance which I'll treasure for life.The spongebob keychain, the beautiful Labu Sayong,the hard covered 50 Wasiat Rasulullah saw untuk Wanita, the various video clips and many others. Thanks so much, I do love all of you.

And for those who will suddenly find yourself missing me, you know where to find me right?(mane lagi, this blog laa). Insya Allah I will try my best to constantly updating this blog and will never keep it dormant, at least not for a very long time.

This is just the beginning of the end, people!

29 November 2007, 1.40 am.


Amie said...

wow~ ada credit for me.. haha.. btw.. nice knowing u~ dulu2 masa f5 n 1st year ingat shah ni sombong + 'kerek'. siap dh pk xmo kawan ngan dia ni. tu la org kata 'x kenal maka x cinta' ;p

Ja Alif Sa Alif said...

fuiyi~~ ha'ah..shah dah maju skrg~~ dulu kan maen~ haha...w/pon msh grg n cranky...haha :p salam ukhuwwah~

Zul Afham said...

panjangnya post...
cuak baca...mcm2 kenangan muncul...
dulu,kini dan selamanya shah will be my friend...syukran...

Shierrahh Ivy said...

haha thanks friends for the comments..really aprreciate those. Saya masih mencuba yang terbaik untuk menambahbaik diri ;)

Nasibah said...

salam 'alaik..
dearie kak syah :)
miss u damn much.
rndu saat2 manis jd partner SG.
3 of them dah selamat~ alhamdulillah...
hopfuly sume adik2 kita "selamat"
thanks ats sume tunjuk ajar dan nasihat dari seorang kakak yg super best a.k.a kak syah :D

p/s jgn lupa ktorang dah jnji nk buat doorgift utk walimah kak syah nnt. ble ye?? :D