Friday, December 21, 2007

Pity, an enemy

Assalamualaikum and good day.

Days at home gave me opportunity to do some reflections and observations on people around me. One of the thing that I realized is, some people always avoided other people during their weakest moments, maybe during depressions, when sick, suffering from diseases or others that made them think they are more vulnerable and fragile compared to others. These people refused to talk about their condition and always pretend that everything is perfectly fine, and try to live a normal life as before, like nothing had ever happened. But later I observed that it is not the pain that they suffered bothers them, it was actually the strange glances and pitiful eyes of others that they can't stand.

For me, I suggest that we try to treat them as we threat other normal people, and avoid shooting discriminating glances that can make them feel uncomfortable. It's a good thought to approach and ask about their condition, but these kind of people probably preferred it to be in a private way, let say a face-to-face talk rather than in front of a crowd.Or rather, they will seek for people that they are comfortable with and shared their feelings, problems and concerns that bothered them much.

Yes, some people could not tolerate pity at all. These are strong people that stand on their own feet and like to do things independently, without the help of others. Thus during hard time, I guess it's not hard to support them in the way that they prefer most.

Why I'm writing this is, I personally think that I would behave like these people when I face hard times.


manggishitam said...

melarikan diri kerana sebab tamau orang laen bimbang. mungkinkah barangkali?

Shierrahh Ivy said...

ya mungkin. selalunya orang lain bimbang ni lagi membinmbangkan kita, lagi baik kita bimbang sorang-sorang. Tapi sebenarnya orang lain secara automatik dan fitrah nya akan bimbang tentang kita kalau kita ada masalah kan..jadi kita kena deal dengan kebimbangan itu sebenarnya. Eh ayat belit2, ko faham ke hazel? huhu