Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Bro's Big Day

Yeay, finally I've got myself a sister (in-law)!

Well, as most of my close friends are awared of, I was busy helping my family preparing for my bro's big day the whole last week. I even went back home as soon as I finished my FYP presentation! Alhamdulillah, praised to the Almighty that the wedding went well and my parents sleepless nights are paid off. This wedding is a pretty huge deal since it was the first in the family, and my parents being a total perfectionists did helped to complicate the whole proceeding (hehe). Nevertheless, the days were over and now we are almost finished transforming back our home into normal condition.

Here I would like to share some sneak peek of my bro's wedding, I just love to post wedding experience because it was full of joy and very beautiful too ;)

My bro sengih2 bagi mas kawin kat wife dia

At Kak Lin's. Her house theme was gold..a perfect colour for a wedding
The pelamin at my house.Notice the rare lilac pink colour chosen by my brother? He had a hard time finding the pelamin and the canopy and the baju pengantin that match the colour.. but afterall it worth every effort. The colour is wonderful! (Or so said by the guests ;)
The newly wed posed for me! As usual I'm being an amateur unofficial photographer at (almost) all weddings I attended.. hehe

The female cousins ;)

The eightyfivers small reunion. Thanks guys for made it! (my wedding nanti jgn tak dtg plak!hehe)
To all of my UTP and STJ friends, thanks fo coming :)
Congratulations too to my big bro and his wife, finally married happily until ever after, insya Allah.And the lucky bridegroom was also turning 26 yesterday, so I guess he'd got the best birthday present ever this year, A WIFE :)
Happy birthday big bro !

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