Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Web bagus

How many times you face a situation where you want to drive to a place, but you don't know how?

I always face this kind of situation, but luckily I have a father who is crazy about maps and roads (which explains his profession la kan). Recently he always promoting this website to the whole family,which he finds very helpful and convenient; the Wikimapia.
And I love it too!! Very interesting and convenient as well.
(Eh by the way, who says women can't read maps?? It's only the men who won't listen. Haha)

Yup, I know Wikipedia is very popular to us but Wikimapia, maybe only certain people have heard about this web.Come on, try it!Especially for ladies, well we need to know these kind of things too you know.

Oh sangat-sangat la membantu web ni, macam Google Earth la jugak kan! Bagus bagus
OK tu je nak share, nak pergi bercuti sambil bercamping sekejap okay.. see ya!

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