Saturday, February 23, 2008

on GE 12

Assalamualaikum and good day to all,

The sudden hiatus was obviously to give way for the coming election dated two weeks from now.

Recently I've found a very good mainstream newspaper which stands as neutralizer and reported the same amount of news for any political parties, not just the ruling party alone. Actually I've knew this for years, but only in my new residence that I'd managed to pick it up along my way to work and guess what, the best part is, this newspaper is FREE.

(Can't you guess? It's the ONLY FREE NEWSPAPER in town!!)

Yes, theSun says it all, whether you like it or not.

I love to highlight an article written by Terence Fernandez about this last Friday.

Also an insipiring letter by a thoughtful Malaysian, his hope and stand for the 12th General Election which I am more than happy to share with all of the readers.

Who will you vote for?

It's March 8.Who will you be voting for? I'll tell you who I will NOT be voting for.

I will not vote for the crooked and the corrupt. They enrich themselves through contracts and gifts. They sit in their mansions feeling safe because they are well-connected.

I will not vote for the dishonest and double-dealers.They say one thing and then think it's perfectly all right to act differently.

I will not vote for the uncouth and uncivilised.They open their mouths and show the world their utter small-mindedness.

I will not vote for sexists who equate women with leaking pipes and old toilets. They laugh and joke about women without batting an eyelid. The rest of us cringed in open-mouthed amazement at their fixation with the opposite sex.

I will not vote for the racists and the bigots, the immoral and the unjust. To be sure, there are good and bad politicians on both sides on the divide.

On the other hand, there are those who revel in public service, executing their duties without fear and favour. You'll find them in the ruling party as well as the opposition. They are ethical and honest, principled and trustworthy. They stand up for those that aree left behing in our nation. These are the ones I will vote for.

Edwin John

Yes Mr John, I'm 200% agree with your two cents.Your well written thoughts had perfectly expressed my feelings and perhaps most of the Malaysians who care.
On a different note, I'd love to hear more on Gobind Singh Deo's manifesto which highlights the rising price of toll as his main issue. He will be reprensenting DAP for Puchong parliament seat, and obviously his manifesto referred to the LDP toll rate that increased 60% in 2006. I just realized that actually, since I've only been a frequent user of LDP since a month ago. And to `donate' RM3.20 for a 10 km ride to my workplace everyday (RM1.60 for one way) is way too much. So come on Gobind, take out all your weapons. I believe all Puchong people, all nearby residents and me can't wait for you to fight for our rights!
GE 12, the spirit is in the air!


manggishitam said...

maknenye encik john tak akan mengundilah di masa pilihanraya. serasa aku, tiada pun pemimpin yg tidak empunya ciri2 yg diperkatakan. tapi mungkin sbb aku hanya mengenali pemimpin2 yg popular saja..

tol mahal? naik saja pengangkutan awam!

Shierrahh Ivy said...

aku yakin encik john akan a matter of fact, ade sebnarnye pemimpin berjiwa rakyat cam diperkatakan tuh..tapi bukanlah salah anda,sbb yg dipopularkan oleh media massa hanyalah pemimpin kerajaan Barisan Nasional sahaja huhuu

p/s: tmpt aku takde public transport beb..monorel, lrt, komuter sume jauh, bas taklalu depan ofis..haa amacam? do i have other choice than driving? huhu..

FM said...

Jika pengangkutan awam secekap (atau sekurang2nya menepati masa) yang dijanjikan ketika menaikkan harga petrol dahulu, Insya-Allah, ramai yang sanggup memilih pengangkutan awam.

- Pendapat ikhlas pemuda yang sentiasa memilih pengangkutan 'awam'.