Saturday, February 02, 2008

On updates and whatsnots

Salam and hye to all,

Some of you might be wondering, why the hiatus all of the sudden.
While some of you already knew.

I'd secured a job, and have been working for the past two weeks. So far, the situation is good, the environment is much better than I expected, the friends are nice and the food is good ;) I mean the free food of course, since the first week I had my orientation and the following week full of back-to-back training courses. And there are more to come. We learnt about necessary softwares that we need to master i.e data analysis tools, probability and statistics, SPC, MSA, ESDA, and Basic/Advance MS Excel. I felt like the old times in school, minus the assignments and tests.Haha.

Officially being an engineer by designation really makes me and my colleagues flattered too. We were the typical newbies, high spirited and highly motivated, ready to meet any challenges. Wait until we get the first assignment by our bosses, then only we can tell langit tu tinggi ke rendah. Hee..

Did I mentioned I've been working in my most favourite field, the manufacturing cum electronics peripherals industry? I don't know why, but I prefer this field the most. Maybe because of its hectic environment, the fast-paced technology, everybody looks busy and important (and most of them are super genius cum workaholic), modern buildings, overstuffed cafeteria, meal coupons, cozy cubicles, clean toilets and the never-ending beverage supply in the pantry. Maybe because I had an eight months history of internship in a company quite similar to this one. The long lost vocabulary- cleanroom, jumpsuit, ESD, contamination, smock, safety shoes, particles, drives - welcome back!

I learnt the important techniques and tips living in a city. Like, the Smart Tag lanes in LDP toll gate are way slower than the normal lanes, and the best thing is for you to have a Touch n Go card and swipe it at any lane you like, which is of course with the less queuing vehicles. Do you know that all lanes, including the `Tunai Sahaja' lanes have TnG swipe box? And also, a ten minutes difference on the time you actually depart to work will make you arrive at work in ten minutes or in freaking forty minutes? Yes, welcome to the magical world of LDP and all the places in between. And the most important skill that I managed to adapt is, to try to enjoy the massive traffic jam every morning and evening. Really, several times I glanced at the car nearby in a traffic jam, the drivers were actually reading mags and novels. Yes, no kidding. But of course they're skillful drivers so minimum possibility of they ramming into the other's bumpers. For me, a fresh music or silly jokes by the deejays will do, and perhaps a quick breakfast too while driving. The keyword is; ENJOY.

I love trying things and meeting challenges, and my brother did not spare me any. When I want or need to go somewhere and I asked him the direction, he will instantly draw me maps and asked me to find out the location myself. So in my two weeks living in the big city, I already familiar with the LDP/Federal Highway/MRR2 (end to end)/Bukit Jalil/Shah Alam/Sunway area. Quite a personal achievement, I shall say. Tahniah ye Shahira.

OK enough of babbles, I'll write some more later.
Congrates to the others who just secured a job, all the best in whatever you do.
First gaji jangan lupa ha!


Anonymous said...

woah! 2 weeks??? and you ady familiar with LDP / Federal / MRR2? OMG.

that's really an achievement. i take 2 weeks of sesat2 just to conquer the LDP. (and yet still sesat gk skang. dem)

btw, meh carik umahku. MRR2 - tasik selatan. bertentangan LRT. agak2 bole jumpe? :P

Shierrahh Ivy said...

well, rumah aku btul2 dpn toll gate sunway LDP tu so mmg slalu lalu ;) tau je umah ko, LRT BTS tu, baru je lalu situ aritu.yg manjang jem tu kan? huhu
btw smalam pi subang jaya bleh sesat ;( nak gi SS15 bleh smpai ke SUMMIT USJ huhu..mari2 blajar woo ;P

manggishitam said...

wow da keje! tahniah!

ayat last tu sile sll ingat ok!

akan ku tunggu saat ko open table muahahahaha (dunkin donat adelah tidak diterime ok)

da power jalan shah alam? cube teka umah aku katne? hihi